Soul Healing


To place your name on the ‘Soul Healing’ Prayer List hover over the top photograph of praying clasped hands on HOME page ~ Click on writing to open page, scroll down to comments, place your name, friend’s name or family member’s name in the comment box. Make sure you check ‘notify me by email of follow up comments’ box ~ within 24 hours a reply comment with a link to your post will be placed in the comment box and you should be sent notification via email. For a Private 1 hour Soul Healing Session & Full 3 part Guidance Write Up including Delivering Divine Light, Totem Guide (s) & Complete Angelic Crystal Guidance Report

Contact Aurora & Brian

for an appointment & fee.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ann-Christine Larsen on said:

    I need souls healing. To my son Sebastian and the rest of my family .. I pray a prayer every day, and I feel my guardian angel is with me in deep love.:)

    Love an light

    Ann-Christine Larsen

  2. Believe in your prayer as it is heard! Accept that God’s will is always done with ease as your Guardian Angel delivers your prayers ~ expect results ~ you deserve them. I will attach a link to your soul healing here in comments when it is completed today or tonight.

    Angels Love & God’s Light

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