Soul Healing


Angelic Love Blessings Jane!

The Angels gift you this illumination

as blessings for your birthday.

They say that you may surprise your friends

& others that know you with a strong sense

of knowing the answer to mysteries

~ a strong sense of father visits you with wisdom

~ They say the wisdom of waiting in

patience brings you great divine gifts.

Healing a part of yourself that feels unwanted

comes with divine timing.

Heaven wants you to see that giving to

so many others in healing is all you need

in their eyes to prove so to speak your self worth ~

they’d like you to accept your giving

as a way to build your inner child self ~ worth.

They show rose quartz for forgiveness,

Turquoise as spirit of the earth to help shield you &

ruby for courage on your path of

being a courageous spiritual warrior.

They also say that the sense of ‘romance’

in your heart reaches a new level

or depth due to a deep forgiveness & acceptance of the past.

The first guidance shows where your spiritual path finds you at the moment. The Angels affirm that confident manifestation of love & grace comes through serenity & a sense of childhood with childlike play. This is offered by the Angels as a chalice of divine refreshment for your tired warrior soul. Let the Angels refill you with creativity with Angel’s refreshments. They ask you to refill your cup daily with their chalice of love.

The second guidance shows the path your soul must take to ensure its strength.  Angels remind us all that spiritual growth sometimes causes pain that is temporary. Dreams while you sleep give you the chance to pass through romantic heart past hurts. The Angels will give you signs in your dreams and trust that you are skilled enough to know what is Angelic & what is not.

The third guidance shows what mental strengths we need to focus on & lean on during any spiritual growth. The Angels first show that True Love & soaring your souls together brings individualization but also great harmony where you delight in fun & take grateful pleasure in all things that come into your life.

The fourth guidance shows what spiritual or metaphysical strengths of ours we need to nourish in order to easily complete the current stage of our spiritual journey. The Angels show that any self consciousness can be overcome with alignment & harmony ~ they suggest kyanite & peach calcite. The also re~assure you that you can depend on universal support & accept the loving playfulness of their care & guidance for you ~ they show reminders that all creation is built on the stability of divinity. They ask you to build your future plans on what is stable & to schedule your time efficiently so that you may rest ~ They want you to rest so that you can see a plan manifesting for you! You will take action soon on new beginnings with career.

The fifth guidance reveals & affirms where you have been on your spiritual journey & suggest what you can do to progress. They show that communication challenges have hindered your sense of independence ~ They suggest that embracing a past~life love in  your life at the present needs to be simplified & balanced. Archangel Michael appears & also Metatron ~ they show that necessary protection and also Akashic records or karma being balanced in your present relationship & friendships. They ask that you celebrate the sacredness of your self & your friends.

The sixth guidance shows where we are heading towards on our journey. The Angels love you so & ask that you approach upcoming feelings of defensiveness with complete openness ~ they suggest identifying out loud when you feel defensive & actually communicate that you are feeling defensive with those you love & those that love you. The Angels say & show that this ability will flourish as a gift of LOVE & Christ Light healing ~ They show a very strong healing gift of love being a gift to you & also a gift that you give others!!!  They say that if you are open & feel gratitude for the divine gifts in your life all things will flow to you ~ they send you healing of abundant love ~ They suggest that you let go of any doubt as doubt can imprison our heart’s ability to exchange love with others ~ The Angels acknowledge that hurt easily closes our hearts but they lovingly ask for your Faith in them & to trust them.

Breathe love in, Breathe love out ~ Breathe & Love

Happy Birthday!

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