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Blessings Neera,

The meditation you described in comments  sounds like quite a journey!  You are truly blessed.  The Journey sounds as if you have been to very high realms  ~ and that the creator of ‘life’ reunited you with your twin soul ~ also know as divine spark, divine compliment or twin flame. As Earth re-unifies with Heaven we are seeing images like this, in many ways.  The Way was/is meant to attune or energy or auric fields with that of Heaven so that our souls/spirit could ascend through these dimensional ‘worm holes’ or portals through time.

The blessing is Ancient & appears traditionally in all ancient or original tribes where ‘Heaven’ on earth was recognised & honored.

Your chakras aligning means you have been blessed &attuned by heaven for your Twin. Spirals are the very unit of life replicated in DNA.

Prayer Helps attune our souls ~ so does meditation & other natural sources on Earth.

Spiraling Sun

Our Galaxy the Milky Way

FROM: … etic_Field wrote:

<<The Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) is the term for the Sun’s magnetic field carried by the solar wind among the planets of the Solar System.

The heliospheric current sheet is a three-dimensional form of a Parker spiral that results from the influence of the Sun’s rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium. Since the solar wind is a plasma, it has the characteristics of a plasma, rather than a simple gas. For example, it is highly electrically conductive so that magnetic field lines from the Sun are carried along with the wind. The dynamic pressure of the wind dominates over the magnetic pressure through most of the solar system (or heliosphere), so that the magnetic field is pulled into an Archimedean spiral pattern (the Parker spiral) by the combination of the outward motion and the Sun’s rotation.



i I am Neeraa Here From Mumbai- INDIA. I Am waiting from Long Time For My Twin Flame/ Soul Mate. in my everyday Meditation I always see some Vision about very powerful men. I like to share my meditation vision with you.
Last week I set for my meditation at 9:30 AM in my Balcony area. In few minutes I saw myself very powerful stage. I saw in my each n every spine code I see bright Shining SUN…many SUNS Lights on in my whole Spinal Code. Then I saw 100 times Powerful SUN on my Head (CrownChakra ) Crown SUN was very Bright n Powerful. SUN was Traveling in one place on my head in Spirle Direction. Then I saw SUN on My Forehead (Third Eye Chakras) . Forehead SUN was also very Bright n Shiny. Then I Saw 2 White Dove was Flying Towards Sky. Both Birds was Hugging With One wing n Flying with anther Wing. Both was Going towards SUN . I saw tht SUN was in Heart Shape. Birds was goin into the Heart shape SUN. N they send me light focus on me. I was on ground. But I found myself very shiny n bright. I just walked go strait. My path was glowing in neon rainbow colors. I saw tht purple color focus on my body…! I followed tht purple focus , I was going towards sky , My all chakras was active in Spiral speed. I want inside heart shape SUN. Inside tht SUN I saw beautiful SweetHome. I went inside tht home. One powerful Angelic Men was standing next to Window. I couldn’t see His face. He was standing. When I was go to him , he turned back . I saw his Bright shiny Aura, his Soul was Shining like Bright Star. N open his strong arms, he was waiting for me. He huge me, I was feeling so happy. We just huge eachother very warmly. Then we didn’t talk single word. But our feelings was speaking. We listened each others feelings. Then I lost in his Magical Arms. Then I came back on the ground. Then again I saw my chakras runs Very forcefully in spiral shape. I found my chakras goin to bigger n bigger. N I felt my head is in the sky and my feet was on the ground. I saw mu Huge body structure. I met him again with tht same huge body, huge chakras. Rainbow colors big sparks throw from chakras. N tht big different sparks converted into Glowing Angels…many angels spreads magical love lights n shiny sparks on our Earth Planet. I saw whole clear vision in my meditation. Wen I finished my meditation I was preying to PANINI (P-A-N-I-N-I : Para Atoms Nuclear Ingredients Nucleas Infinity.) my eyes was still closed n I kept my palm on my eyes. I saw neon rainbow colors comes from my both palms,& from my all fingers. Then I suddenly opened my eyes.
Dear Love Angel please will you tell what’s tht meaning of my meditation vision. Wenever I start my meditation I always see purple-pink focus lights on me. Everyday I see different magical vision. I never heared or see these kind of vision or story.
Please help me dear Angel. I Am eagerly Waiting for my True Love. My Soulmate..My twin Flame.
Thank You So Much for Read my long Mail. Waiting for your reply. God Bless You Angel…Sending You LOVE LIGHTS & PEACE.
(¯`♥´¯). * peace* love´¯`•.¸¸. ♥ .


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2 thoughts on “Neera

  1. Namaste~
    Hello dear Neera… Hru ?
    I Just want to tell you that i find your article real amazing becose myself had kind of same experience few months ago…
    My name is Nisya, I live in Bali an i m a spiritual healer…
    Please, feel free to take a walk in my Spiritual Garden:
    ♥ Sending you Light, Peace and Love too Neera ♥

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