Soul Healing


Angelic Blessings of Love & Light

You are surrounded by the most beautiful light of pure love & heavenly protection

If you ever feel alone visualise this gorgeous shimmering silken light around you, blessing you calming you, shielding you.

here is a link to a healing track of music:


The first Angelic guidance shows where you are on your soul journey. Angels show that you are experiencing LOVE on a very deep level…. a pure soul love that is healing you & delighting you. A new experience of love that is angelically guided… & full of Angelic Love & Hope. The Angels say that your soul shimmers with this love. They also describe the angelic light around you healing you.


The Second guidance shows what we need to be aware of on our soul path or what we must focus on in our prayers & growth. Angels say that responding with patience during our growth & learning helps balance our souls. Call on Archangel Michael & Metatron to help you balance your energy & protect your soul. Accept the return of wisdom in your life. Wisdom that teaches discernment.


The Third guidance offers us a summation of our greatest mental, logical, focused strength. The Angels suggest that you ask your soul to focus on increasing your self esteem or sense of self worth with an egoless approach. Archangel Raphael urges you to further study ‘healing’ and gentle ways to help your self worth grow by acknowledging what God/Heaven loves in you. What the Angels love in you is your sense of humility.



The Fourth Guidance is the Angels revelation of your strongest spiritual, soul, subconscious path. They say your strength in emotions is your silent commitment to a new beginning in life. Others may not agree with you but your ideas are precious and fragile like sweet saplings that need nurturing and no criticism as they grow. You may feel like a hermit sometimes but being alone & cocooned protects you from other harsh energies. You are very good at being a loner.

The time will come for you to branch out when your concepts are stronger but right now the angels suggest nurturing your new ideas like babies.




The Angels also show that you are receiving grace from an enlightening vision or energy soul experience. This energy & vision is indeed miraculous. The grace you are receiving brings a new depth of love experience that is cultivated with forgiveness & tenderness. They also suggest that you nurture tenderness & forgiveness towards yourself & for your past.







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