Soul Healing

Shontrelle Yvette

Like a child come to me….  Angelic Love Blessings Shontrelle ~ Heaven’s Angelic Realm offers you Blessings of reminding you to return to your innocent ways of a child… They ask you to believe whole heartedly in faith of the goodness & light of Heaven ~ the soul paradise of Our Lord. Allow them to take any darkness away from your conscious. Do not recognise the dark and pray in Faitb that Heaven will take care of all.

They offer you streams of healing light that are shimmering with light silver and deep platinum with flecks of violet.

The First Angelic Guidance offered shows where you are in your soul journey. The Angels show that you are in a place of learning self-love through enlightenment & learning to balance different parts of yourself into a whole. They once again show Archangel Michael and also Metatron bathing you in silver & platinum light. They offer to protect you and shield you from negative forces of energy around as you plan ahead for your future.

The Second guidance shows what spiritual quest we must work through or accomplish during this time on your journey. The Angels suggest that you pray for alignment of any of your dreams and fantasy with those of the will of God or Heaven’s will on earth.

They ask that you accept forgiveness and also forgive any hurts you may have inside. you are being called upon to help others forgive. This may be accomplished as the heavenly Light is called upon to aid you in your forgiveness. You are also asked to call on Archangel Michael’s helpers to assist you on this journey with a sense of direction and also energy to accomplish your spiritual task on this part of your journey. They can refuel your energy and also give you extra physical energy. The Archangels refuse to settle for darkness and will also help you clear any darkness as you help assist build a new community or following or school of learning within your community.

The Third Guidance shows us our greatest mental, conscious intellectual strength as in outside actions that we may express. The Angels reveal that your ability to work through any doubts with communication in prayer brings you deep angelic soul truth where Miracles have the sacred energy to be fulfilled…. Expect Miracles in your life right now. Small, medium & Large!!!

The Fourth Guidance shows our greatest emotional, subconscious and spiritual strength on our journey. Angels reaffirm for you & others that you will reach a new vision or new understanding – comprehension of lightwork through a Love or Lovers ( this may be this guidance blessing as we are a romantic couple) ~ Whichever Lovers help you it is an answer to your prayers!!! Archangel Michael & Metatron come forth again to let you know for sure that they are here with you guiding and protecting you through you being called to be a leader or to lead your friends and family through a deep karmic healing and staying committed to this healing and new level of understanding.

The Angels also  show that by your recent purification of  something that could be explosive as in an argument or family disagreement with others has brought you much LOVE, MERCY, STABILITY and showing a great strength as a mother or head of family.

Angels show that your ability to bravely handle someone elses breaking of ‘rules’ that was a betrayal of some sort that brought pain to others and you was handled with your grace, your commitment, your senses, your patience and through the experience you earned guidance and signs of new inspiration. Archangel Gabriel shines on you in healing.

The Angels also encourage you to spend time celebrating your inner sacredness in peaceful quiettime. They ask that you you empty your mind of thoughts for even just a little while as you replenish your soul energy through prayer in a place that is sacred to you. This could be indoors or outdoors a place of worship or a park.

You are strong & loved!

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3 thoughts on “Shontrelle Yvette

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  2. This message touched me deeply. Thank you so much. ❤

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