Soul Healing


Angelic Love Blessings Merlene!

You are so guided by your ancestors many of which are Guardian Angels to you…

Your family here on earth is connected to the Angelic realm above and around ~ you must come from a long line of prayer Angels.   Like the other guidance posts for your family I chose this piece of healing music that I was led to from first music offered by angels to Aitisha.

The Angelic Realm has many healing lights around you and they show a spectrum of light around you.

The First Angelic Guidance offered to you for suggestion reveals where our soul journey has evolved to during this lifetime. It shows what soul lessons we are learning at the present moment. The Angels show that your souls’ search for true spiritual, mental and heart intimacy uncovers your own true self reflection…. meaning what you search for is really yourself ~ compliments of our divinity & true self-reflection. We all need to know what our souls are searching for in order to know ourselves in depth. Divine Guidance received by you through prayer answers and divine gentle grace~like signs ~ also a knowing in your emotional heart with pure co-inciding gut or stomache instinct helps lead you through where you want to go. Hope transpires thru Faith and always seeking the good with gratitude. Hope is like a candle in the dark that lights up a room and also reminds us of our intent to light and purify any situation.

The Second Guidance offered shows what spiritual growth we need to focus on to overcome any obstacles that may hold us back. The Angels reveal to you that your sense of truth and desire for truthful knowledge of Heaven sparks a quest for you to study Angels & Healing energy… They ask that you keep what you already know but look at healing prayer and heavenly energy as if you are studying it… They also suggest but mostly know that you also know prayer is the answer and will give you many answers to go along with your sense of spiritual mystery ~the mystery of sages, mystics & Heaven ~ The mystery of Our Lord’s healing which is often depicted as rainbow light as it is the full spectrum of light from heaven that includes all colors.

The Third guidance reveals what our best intellectual or conscious abilities are to help us along our soul’s growth. The Angels admire your ability to approach your own & others disillusionment with tenderness, harmony and friendship of non~judgemental love or unconditional love. This gift you have with others also must apply to yourself. Give yourself the gift of tenderness towards any imperfections you may feel that you have.

The Fourth Guidance reveals what our best emotional, sub-conscious & spiritual strengths are in order for you to progress along your path. The Angels reveal that your strong spiritual enlightenment gives you the freedom to celebrate the return of deep truthful spiritual knowledge ~ an awakening and true acceptance of rebirth & the second coming of Christ~Light. A silent renewing of the beginning where we wait with patience and  wisdom of what we can change & what we have to accept.

The Angels also re-affirm that healing comes to you through prayer cycles, prayer circles & they also remind us of the lunar monthly cycles that take time and stages but also Silver LIGHT that also can be silver used as natural anti-biotic as an approved tincture formulated by a professional (please check with a health practitioner/doctor)… Archangel Gabriel helps deliver the silver healing light. Silver light also melds with violet light to enforce the combinational healing strengths of the two frequencies. The Angels also show that the combining of different strengths in community with people helps as the sum of the whole is greater & stronger than parts When pure hearted like minded people are together the sharing of ideas and creativity increases.

The Angels ask that you keep aware as you are being called through spiritual guidance to new ideas and inspiration manifesting through you, your loving unconditional mother’s love heart that shows mercy and carries the divine sacred within her soul and mind.

Angelic Love & Blessings!

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