Soul Healing


Angelic Guidance lead me to this music for you to listen to while contemplating the guidance they offer for suggestion:

In the first guidance  the Angels see that your present adventure through spirituality is creating great enjoyment for you. They show you laughing & having a good time. This sense of being revitalised by success is the direct result of love of divinity & to call in your friends that you trust to share in your your celebration.

The second guidance the Angels offer is a suggestion to help you grow spiritually. They show that you have the ability to let your spirit travel far on journeys of the soul. Maybe you do this consciously or maybe you do this while asleep but it is accomplished with skill & pure intent. The Angels ask that you ask for their guidance during these journeys. They ask you to meditate and consider wisely away from ordinary world and listen to your heart’s knowingness. You may feel as a hermit on a solo flight while you are learning & experiencing as a seeker but seek the Heavenly Angelic Realm to help guide you on a path they have planned for you. This way your learning is guided away from anything dark.

The Third Guidance reveals the Angelic Realm’s vision of what your greatest conscious efforts are. They show that you are shining very bright in the Spirit realm but you also need to learn and implement natural ways of soul protection to increase your enjoyment as you are being guided out of an old way and being welcomed into a new way of the world ~ a new vibration, a new vision where different situations are offered to you by your guardian angels to help you continue on the path your soul agreed upon before birth.

The Fourth Guidance reveals what the Angelic realms sees as your greatest emotional strength & spiritual strength. They show that a beautiful other-worldly romance is deeply rooted in a past life experience. They ask that you embrace and cherish this romance with tangible real self awareness and a movement. They show strength in your playfulness & creativity within your approach to these romantic feelings you may be experiencing. Sometimes these stirrings are a harbinger of a romance to come. they ask that you do not ignore romance but nurture it as a baby.

They ask that you embrace your need to build deep self worth that combats any fears you may have with LOVE. You will be receiving healing by doing this. Archangel Chamuel & Archangel Uriel offer you deep ruby light that you may or may not see to help you heal any feelings of lack in love. The Angelic healing they offer creates harmony for you and also radiance. They show you receiving the Holy Spirit (Heavenly Healing Energy called many different things). Holy Spirit light is white but made of all colours of the spectrum. Deep green is strong healing light.  So is violet, deep bright blue, deep pinks, yellows & oranges.

There seems to be another light floating about  that is not of Heaven. Where it comes from we are not sure but it is a light green similar to this color the print & the image above different from dark green  – be very cautious of this light green light as it is harmful.

Angels Love & Light

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13 thoughts on “Aitasha

  1. Aitasha Hajara Isler-Joseph on said:

    I give thanks. I am honored. This was a pretty experience. I find the golden angel the most unique. I happened to be meditating and saw shimmering gold particles fill me and i began to shimmer and sparkle just like this angel. The clouds openings were shaped into the curvatures of hearts and rainbows encircled me as i stood in a radiant green meadow. I wasn’t alone. There were more with me but I don’t know who. But I was not afraid. It was sort of like a fairytale. I take nothing received from you or the angels for granted. Peace be with you and Love. All the love you could ever receive. You are precious. Bless your soul. A special thanks to our heavenly host.xoxoxo

  2. We are so honored to be able to translate for the Angels for you. They so love when we understand as it increases faith in our Heavenly Father & Heaven. Your experience sounds most beautiful! A shimmering awakening into a fairytale which was a welcome to Heavenly dimensions & a way to let you know that it is real….
    Thank You for letting us be of service to the Angels that so welcome being in your life.
    You are a beautiful soul that is so connected to Heaven….. your energy of love is pure & divine…..
    Angelslightworldwide ~ Aurora & Brian

  3. Angelic Love Blessings Aitasha,
    Here is the link to the prayer/Angelic guidance post for Paul Eugene.

    We hope you enjoy and if you have questions please ask here , on his post or in private email.

    Much Love,

  4. ps
    We began your mother & sister’s posts and will be posted Sunday and no later than Monday.

  5. Aitasha Isler-Joseph on said:


    I thank you for the posts again. I do have some questions about mine.” you also need to learn and implement natural ways of soul protection to increase your enjoyment as you are being guided out of an old way and being welcomed into a new way of the world”…could you please help me understand what exact area and how to protect my soul?? and i have been most bothered by this green light that is not from heaven..Is there more you can tell me? Is this an energy from people? or a habit of my own? whenever you can advise me,I’d appreciate it. I have been turning it over in my mind since the guidance was posted.

    Peace and Love

  6. Love Blessings Aitisha,
    Happy you asked. The green light we were describing we are not sure where it originates from but it does not belong on earth. It does come from some source away from earth but then it can be passed from person toperson. Out in public, I have watched it being passed from one to the other without the hosts so to speak being aware. We are pretty sure some use it thinking initially it is good healing light but it makes our soul’s sick and can also create a form of possession. We also ‘think’ that it may be the light that is written about in scripture of being the anti-christlike light.

    Prayer & Blessings help keep us protected from this type of light… but not always if it wishes to ‘use’ a host. This is where the Heavenly Angels & what is generally referred to as natural ways helps us refuse that type of light ( it ‘feels’ forceful not gentle like heaven light)
    Earth was/is Eden with a perfect eco system and also had a perfect energy system with all natural resources here to help us repell the wrong kind of energy.

    Flowers & Herbs help keep our own personal energy/spirit/soul in high vibration thus repel other stuff…. like Roses, Rose petal, Rose Oil, Archangelica Angelica Root, Fennel, Basil, Garlic, Lavender, Bay leaf. Many cultures through out time have used these in nutrition for physical health but also energy help… The Ancient Greeks fended themselves against sky invaders as they are loosely translated with stalks of fennel.

    Also within the earth’s geology God placed beautiful substances that became rocks, minerals & crystals ie: gold, silver, quartz, black stone, tigers eye and so on….. some refer tot his knowledge as ‘New Age’ which is not so as these substances are as old as Earth and predeceases religion, writing etc….

    What we have learned is that MANY of the ANCIENT ways for instance – Native American, Mowri, Aborigine, Mayan, Celtic, African etc held this sacred knowledge on how to protect ourselves and our earth from invading energies but we lost the knowledge.

    Yeshua The Christ was recommended to wear some of these natural God substances by learned High Priests to help him repel some of the mental/psychic attacks of Satan but as an example to humanity that really these rocks etc belonged in the earth and not mined or sucked out from our earth’s veins he did not and relied solely on Our Father. This is just a basic attempt at explaining for you.

    Earth was running with gold, silver, platinum & so on throughout her earthly ‘veins’. These minerals would go through to soil and water supplies nourish our soil, vegetation, sea, animals, air and kept away virus and bacteria that were unhealthy to earth.

    There are many links online to what meta-physical attributes certain flowers herbs, foods have. They are not magic… every living or God created substance has its own vibration or frequency just as we do… As God’s children we ‘give’ our enrgy… but tehn we are replenished from Heaven BUT or vibration or frequency needs to be held high and these gifts from God on earth help us.

    Sound frequency also help[s us repell unwanted energies… Gregorian chants or Ancient Ommmm chants hold sound frequency hz that repell dense frequencies… The Rose Ministry _ a Place to learn has more info and also… these are not meant to replace prayer but supplement prayer.

    Other things that help repell are Bells, Incense, Music. Salt is probably the best repellant.
    Salt water, salt scrubs, salt baths salt spray.
    Look at practices of churches and temple throughout time and you will see bells for clearing, incense for clearing, holy water for clearing, blessing salts for clearing, sunshine comeing through colors like in colorful windows for clearing (colour therapy)… all of these PREPARE us for prayer and communion so that our soul/spirit vibratyion is at its highest to be able to match heaven’s delivery of replenishing Love….

    I hope this helps a bit for you to understand… it is part Angels explaining and part experience. It is basic and not definitively defined…. herbs flowers etc should be used with a natreopath doctors guidance or used only as an essential oil.

    Much Love,

  7. Aitasha Isler-Joseph on said:

    Gigantic Smiles…i have a spiritual mother which i refer to as my God-Mother who goes by the name of Grace. I often think she is an Earth Angel because everything you just blessed me with is what she has been trying to explain to me for 5 years. She even made me want to go into the field as a Naturopathic Dr. or practice in Alternative medicine. Since I’ve been blessed to know her, she has been telling me i need fennel and has caused me to switch to sea salts and to use basil. I understand and receive the knowledge and wisdom you have given me and i truly thank you as well as our Ministering Angels and Heavenly Host. She recently sent me a text message out of the “blue” telling me to beware of false friends. I just can’t thank you enough as I have been going through these challenges since I made a recent move to Central Florida. This sheds much clarity and light. I am so happy I was led to this site. God is so amazing! I love you all. ❤ God Bless.

    Much Love xoxo

  8. Gratitude again . You are so blessed to have a Godmother with this knowledge. My mother knew many things but most of learning comes from my mother above as in Divine Mother.
    I ask in prayer for you to meet true friends. I was recently assured that it is okay not to trust most people! My guidance from another angel translator said it is okay to only trust 20% of the people you meet in a friendly manner as at the moment so many are experiencing some forms of possession or another. Moving to a new place can be exciting but also overwhelming.. Both of these can make you vulberable. Always call on The Christ but Also Archangel Michael.
    If your Godmother has a way for you to become a Holistic Doctor ot Natreopath or even a reflexologist or aromatherapist that would be amazing. This is probably what Angels referring to in new way of life.
    We are here when needed. Also email

  9. Aitasha Isler-Joseph on said:

    smiles……….and more smiles… This reply is well received. 🙂 Thanks Aurora and Brian ……hearts and butterflies

  10. Aitasha Isler-Joseph on said:

    I would love to hear more about the love from a past life!!!!!! how do I embrace it? how do i know when to? this is so exciting to me and sincerely forgive me if I am flooding you. I don’t mean to…..I just want to learn….thank you a bunch.

    • Love Blessings Aitisha,

      (((smiles))) We usually et what is called past life flash backs ~ they are usually brief ~ sometimes they occur as we are speaking tot he person ~ sometimes before we meet them. It is important not to look for them to occur. they just happen….. We both have been gifted with this site but it is spontaneous ~ A man in a suit like from the 20’s or before pint stripe, spats ~ that is what is being seen. How you will know him in this life? Maybe you already do. It usually takes an in depth session to find and see these but not always… a jazz musician ~ just got that ~ a horn instrument ~ a smoky club ~ the smell of old fashioned rouge and thick lipstick ~

  11. Aitasha Isler-Joseph on said:

    It has been awhile and i just saw this post:) Hope all is well with the family. You both are often in my thoughts. I felt I was being selfish while you were ill.

    Ironically relating to this jazz player…I played the saxophone when i was younger.

    Love you both ❤

    • ❤ Don't feel selfish beautiful soul. We don't always let others know & even try to forget ourselves by staying with the Angels ~ maybe the Jazz playing is from a past life ~ love blessing sto you & your family.

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