Soul Healing

Find Your Twin Soul

That yearning searching feeling in your tummy for your Soul Twin Divine Love can be eased and draw you both closer together from where ever you both are in the world by sitting still, closing your eyes, calling on Angels and then by breathing in and seeing the word LOVE, saying the word LOVE outloud or to yourself & visualising deep ruby pink LIGHT all around you and then breathing out while seeing hearing the word LOVE while keeping the visual of deep ruby pink LIGHT around you. You may play beautiful music of your choice… music that feels like it opens your heart’s emotions… or listen to Solfeggio Healing Frequency tones found on YouTube. com 852 hz is Sacred Divine Unconditional Love & Spiritual Order or 528 hz Miracle Healing Tone (also a frequency of LOVE). Repeat breathing Love until you feel your heart chakra (energy portal) open up … it may feel like a blossoming rose or your favourite flower…. Love energy will them spread from your heart and ‘search’ for its match in divine compliment….. Think no one’s name nor hypothesize whom it might be…. Let the energy of love flow…

~ From ‘Connecting Hearts ~ Matching Your Soul Twin’ – @ 2012

E-Book in Progress. Contact for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Twin Soul

  1. I am now linked to the AA Aurial, she is new to me, so can you help me with at least one pic of her, without any AA Uriel info?

    • Here is one of many pics of Archangel Auriel and we will look for more but this depicts her energy.

      She is known as a strong nurturing Angel of tenderness & mother’s unconditional love. She blesses with a gentle tender touch of warmth and comfort. She attends to our hurt hearts when we need t be mothered or need to mother ourselves. She is a gentle healer of deep emotional wounds. When she comes to you she offers to bless and heal any harshness in your life with unconditional love but most of all gentleness.

      Much Angelslove

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