Soul Healing

Prayer For Vatican City


Self-worth bestows humble confidence

& the ability to love with integrity.

Self-worth also grants

the unshakable strength of serenity.

Serenity that is surrounded with your Faith ~

Faith in a living god.

Claim time to connect with our living God

as he is God of the living.


Fear separates us from

the Love of Our Heavenly Father.

I am serene…..

I am still……

I am…

I release all of my fears to

Our Heavenly Father

& he carries them away-

Precious hub of the Sacred Heart,

Surround your people with

Truth, Honor & True Love

The Archangels surround you in your quest.

Call on Archangel Jophiel

The Archangel of Divine Beauty

& Heavenly Illumination for humanity….

Wisdom of the Godhead

Return to your Source

The Root of what grew into

what you are now.

Seek Your Original Purpose

Culture Charity & Education

for your heart to be filled

with the real living god

The teaching of God’s Guidance

Yeshua’s Unconditional Love

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

with Modern Translation

updated from old

misleading representations

& Modern Definition of the Holy Spirit

The Presence & Assistance

of Heavenly Angels as

accepted before

The equal Sacred Divinity


Male & Female as aspects of

God in divine compliment

to each other & to all creation.

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3 thoughts on “Prayer For Vatican City

  1. Metatron's guidance on said:

    Really wonderfull, thank you for the enlightment by the way, I just fell in love with the name ‘jophiel’, the vibration is so sweet and harmonic. I’d like, if i’ll have a daughter, to call her Jophiel and more often i will call her name inside of my heart, i really thank you 🙂

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