Soul Healing


Love Blessings Stephen,

Angelic Guidance shows that you present soul journeys that may arise as daydreams or occur during your sleep as flying journeys & visiting different places in your dreams allows you to push past a foreboding obstacle on your path to ideas & inspiration… they suggest that your soul/sole intention is to push past these obstacles and they will lift your spirit up higher to see many visions that will inspire you.

The Heavenly Angels want you to ask them to help you. They’d love very much to help inspire you with a vision you have for work/hobby/career… they say just ask us Stephen & we can help.

The Angels remind you that your greatest mental & material tangible strength is the abundance of love & joy that comes from your own very special family… they say your family consists of family members but also beloved friends that want the best for you… they also remind you that some of your ancestors & immediate family souls have been allowed/permitted to help guide you… they are your guardian angels next to your main Guardian Angel.

The Angels show that your greatest inner strength, emotional strength, metaphysical or spiritual strength at the moment is your ability to align your energy field or aura through meditation but also Kyanite rock. They show that you have invested much thought  & prayer to your spiritual growth. This will pay off in spiritual/soul riches as long as you stay committed to the ‘right’ path of integrity.

The Angels also show that you have been approaching your growth from a neutral standpoint -Middle of the road with a playfulness and an honoring of the female, mother, fertile womb of creativity.

They show you moving towards & thru a stage of growth where you might exercise your FREE WILL in a love commitment. The Angels suggest that you pray/ meditate and ask your Guardian Angels to lead you on the path of Harmony that opens the floodgates of beautiful new levels of LOVE either in re-commitment to a present relationship with a committed new start or a completely new experience. The growth for you lays within your decision on which path to follow with your guardian angels by your side.

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