Soul Healing


Love Blessings Austin,

Angelic Guidance blessings show that your present heart feelings of emotions are an answer to your prayers… Your soul work or heart work has been slow & steady but much has been accomplished thru your steadfast commitment.

They wish to remind you that some of Heaven’s greatest heroes are not bravado warriors but patient loving soul farmers akin to bee keepers waiting to harvest nature’s honey for nutrients & healing but also bees wax for candles to light & warm others. The Angels ask you to release all doubt about your purpose to them so that they may instill you with greater faith.

Heavenly Angels also show that by aligning yourself to them in trust and asking Archangel Michael to help sever cut any chords to negative influences or energy in your life will help you feel/be aligned & balanced.

The Angels want you to know that your spiritual clearing/ meditation/ prayer will deepen all love in your life with bright sunshine towards the Son of God blessing you with healing rays of divine mercy. Your conscious acceptance of these rays of mercy & healing light from heaven will help you immensely.

The Angels also show that your innate understanding of Breath of Life & sense of oneness helps you hand over to the Heavenly Angels all that you do not need… surrender & release all remnants of humanly ego etc…

your prayer/ meditation is very strong & ambitious.. this is wonderful as it shows you are a believer… whether you consciously know it or not your faith is very strong and serves you well.

The Angels applaud your recent leap of faith that has heralded a new level of spirituality for you… by following your divine instinct & intent towards the path of forgiveness has really made your soul sparkle & pleased your Guardian Angel with great love.

The Angels suggest that courage helps you manifest your earthly purpose… they show this courage as emotional/ mental courage rather than bravado… they suggest a quiet thoughtful retreat into nature for the soul purpose of getting in touch with God… They show a forest or tree filled area where you can meditate/ prayer and reconnect all of your roots to earth and your etheric crown chords to Heaven without electronic interference from city or towns.

Time near the ocean also helps us clear & return to ourselves by reconnecting with God.

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