Soul Healing


Beloved prayers Pauline. Your angelic guidance post will be done next week as we are away, but we are praying for you ❤

Miracle prayers for you Pauline… your angelic guidance will be posted tomorrow… apologies for the delay… you have been in our prayers.


Angelic Love Blessings Pauline,

The Angels show that you are in a spiritual plane of great support, confidence & self love by reaching out for Angelic truth… in other words you are ready to progress further on your spiritual journey.

By reaching past ego & freewill and seeing yourself in many reflections you experience great spiritual growth.

They also show you in a place of sureness about a creative project… you are seeking information on how to do something & the seeking lures you out of a secure cave into the Angelic realm of Miracles.

Angelic messengers show you how to manifest a creative idea in the material world ~ be sure to give the Angels credit for their love & share profits (spiritual or material) with those that have assisted you on such a romance filled venture.

Angels show your patience and lack of fear in healing as well balanced and fruitful.

Angels suggest that by doing breath work and spiritual healing you can further clear your soul, find solid familial happiness/ contentment


experience great harmony which helps a new level of love blossom for you.


They also show some sort of union you are considering joining as having a quality of stealth or injustice. They suggest that you strongly consider the Spiritual repercussions of certain associations with others that claim to be spiritual but are copy cats in a way… some people without integrity that will tarnish your spirit not only in the eyes of others but also in the eyes of Heaven.

They seek to remind you that Heaven sees & knows all… they do not wish to instill fear in you… they just ask you to consider others motives in claiming to be something that they are not.

Angels strongly urge you to be silent in your observation of others & you will see the truth & feel it in your heart.

You are loved ~

trust your instinct & angelic guidance.

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