Soul Healing


String instrument music helps heal your soul. Different sound frequencies vibrate at different hz and interact with our soul vibrating dense or unwanted energies away from our energy fields.

Many gregorian chants and other chants are based on these frequencies…: 

Angelic guidance also shows that Heaven is healing your emotional heart at the moment so that you can feel at deeper levels of understanding of Heaven’s Love for us…. this deepening of understanding is divinely timed and has a purpose fr you to help yourself but also others.

Angelic guidance shows that your spiritual growth and becoming ‘yourself’ and loving yourself causes some struggles with others in your life.. continue on with Heaven’s graceful blessing and your soul will gain freedom to express itself as it needs to do.

Angels show that your greatest mental or conscious strength at the moment is your active dream work ~ meaning you are dreaming at night about subconscious issues but you are also manifesting healing by using your dream teachings during your waking hours consciously. Nostalgia and childhood issues that you may have held onto for too long are being healed and released… have an emotional reunion with past hurts and celebrate setting them free… symbolise setting them free by letting go a balloon into  the air or spraying a hose on dirt washing it away or even get a cake with candles… somehow honor your growth.

Angels show that your greatest emotional or subconscious/meta-physical strength comes from some stones that you have???  They show balancing aligning, clearing… Kyanite Rock helps almost instantly with these issues. I also am holding Angel prayer beads made from stone as we have been sending you blessings. Whether it is your own stones or the stones I am  holding, they show your purification of soul gives you strength… a spiritual leap, an angelic spirit journey helps you fend off negativity and negative chords that attached a long time ago… your trust in spiritual healing/prayer helps set yourself free.

Heaven shows  that Mother Goddess, Divine Mother Angel (symbolised by moonstone) has been enlightening you on a healing path ~ she lovingly enlightens childhood issues that can be let go now. The flow of Heavenly Angels & balance/serenity really helps you heal.

Divine Mother shows again that music is the key to your healing… music is your miracle at this time.

The Angels also suggest that great soul clearing comes for you after a womans balanced juggling comes to an end… this could be your own juggling of self or someone elses…it feels as if it is past life Kharma ~ a memory that needs forgiveness once and for all.

By doing this forgiveness work your true self will emerge blessed and purified….a spiritual re-birth that gives you an upper hand against any psychic attacks you may be experiencing.

The Angelic Lightwork Heavenly Angels bless you with is multi-coloured, multi-textured and very much like a symphony of music… so a symphony of light…

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