Soul Healing


Prayers & Blessings

 Love Blessings Andrew,

Angelic Guidance is coming through for you….  

They show inspiration & ideas coming to you through MUSIC… so… find the music that makes you feel good inside and your soul at peace, turn it up & dream.

1pm ;The Angels surround you in a healing golden light… the golden light they use helps you transform any dense energy that may be attached to you weighing you down…

Angelic Guidance shows that today you are being cleared & blessed with focus….  we will continue the guidance post later tonight…

6 pm: During your blessing a soothing opalescent light washed around your aura.

Angelic Guidance shows that your greatest blessing at the moment is to become an individual with separate & unique talents & gifts… you are rare & unique personality and by accepting who you are helps you heal any sense of being different from others & encourages self love & self respect. 

Taking a break from childhood influences and some friends helps you grow into yourself with serenity. Serenity comes from accepting things you cannot change (usually others but sometimes parts of ouselves) having courage to change what you can (usually ourself or how we react to others) & having the wisdom to know what you can change and what you can’t change. A break from childhood influences doesn’t necessarily mean permanent break. You may have been teased a bit when younger due to being different or creative from most… The Angels really washed your solar plexus (soul portal above naval/below rib cage) from past hurts…

Angelic Guidance also shows that you are slowly coming to the realization of the bright healing gift you have to offer the world.. this could be music, art, writing or healing. Your balancing of spheres or juggling as in creative talent becomes more balanced as you accept the beautiful soul that you are…  ((( Hearts)))

Angelic Guidance shows your greatest mental strength right now is your ability to ‘LET GO’ of things as you outwear them… emotions as well as material. They also show your self-confidence growing and self esteem increasing through intuition of romantic couple… (this couple could be us and channeled blessing for you) ~ or it could be a stable romance where your partner loves you for your true self.

The Angels bless you for being such a strong spiritual warrior… you have been through much already in life and have survived still full of love… They ask you to recognise your dreams of love and to let these dreams fulfill your heart.

Angelic Guidance shows that your recent growth of losing all ego about your creativity helps you develop news skills that uncover hidden talents. You are so special. They show you have cut ties with a negative work/creative situation… maybe someone always over your shoulder criticising you. This criticism was ‘created’ by a darker entity that doesn’t want you to shine but ‘delivered’ through someone working with you. You are still growing so that you may shine fully.

Angelic guidance shows that you are clearing of heavy energy and that the clearing helps heal your emotional heart. Your growing self-acceptance is emerging as confidence and self love & self honor.

The Angels also urge you to be wary & cautious of any gossip you receive… during the next full moon cycle emotions become magnified so practice cutting etheric chords to any negative speech, writing, thoughts or people etc.

They show you practicing cutting etheric chords with a sword of light…

 During your light blessing the spirit of a cranky, mean old Pirate captain was seen. It seems he attached himself to your aura and was syphoning your energy… this may very well be the criticism giver in your life that is now gone…

The Angels took the spirit to rest. 


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