Soul Healing


Love Blessings Julia,

We hope you enjoy your Angelic Crystal Guidance…. The Angels explain that your spirit is out of body quite often… it is as if your physical outline is here on Earth  but your spirit is elsewhere high above.

Bronze sparkly light was seen blessing you & fending off a vaporous energy that attempts to attach to you.

Violet Flame light in layers bless you.

Ruby pink light washes around you.

An old wound from another life…. was a black spot of energy due to the soul memory… The original wound was below your rib cage on the left side level with the bottom of belly button area but over to the left ~ this is a meta-physical wound ‘memory’ and not a physical medical wound.

Angels washed the wound memory with emerald green healing light.

 Deep indigo washes through you density of old energy into ground.

Rainbow light around your etheric chords on crown chakra at top of head.

Angelic Guidance shows that you are being nurtured at the moment ~ they also showed twin angels blessings calming you and helping 2 opposing forces run together in parallel in union.

Angelic Guidance shows dreams of love ~ pure hearted equal love helping balance you.

Angelic Guidance shows a lot of light radiating from you ~ YOU SHINE. This is your strongest physical, mental or mind asset ~ your ability to shine. A friendly relationship offers a rest for you ~ like a spiritual retreat that brings many blessings of spirit love.

Your emotional or meta-physical strength right now is being grounded but also sensing hearing seeing Angelic Guidance. Archangel Michael protects you as you are able to flow with the changes around you. He also helps with sword work or cutting of etheric chords.

The angels say you have earned serenity through learning to breathe & feel… your ability to take spiritual leaps helps you maintain your serenity.

The angels show you becoming stronger as an ‘earth-light’ by expressing your visions ~ they urge you to let go and express your visions ~

this will bring a change in fortune for you ~ your wheel of life turning is divinely orchestrated with heavenly timing.

Lions are your Totem animal at the moment. Emulate their love, pride, affection, fierceness, gentleness & hunting skills.

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