Soul Healing


What seems like turbulence to you at the moment signifies a spiritual growth period where cutting chords to people & places of the past is accelerating for your own spiritual healing.

The Heavenly Angels bless you with spiritual healing in the colors of yellow & gold.

The spiritual healing continues by taking a step into the unknown …. in other words a leap of faith brings you many Heavenly Blessings from God.

Saying out loud or speaking to some one else about a new vision you have helps it manifest as you gain confidence through positive affirmations.

Angelic Guidance also shows that your greatest mental or conscious strength is your ability to Heal your own emotional heart with laughter… they say that any struggle or battle in your life has been healed before with laughter & love… but mostly by your ability to listen to your heart and also the Angels…

They also show that your greatest meta-physical, emotional or subconscious strength is your abilty to stay calm & silent during the emotional transformation of your heart. Your wheel of life is turning as your prayers are answered…

The angels show that part of answered prayer can be found in nature.. Holistic doctors or other natural remedies your doctor or friends may suggest. They also suggest spending some stress free time in a natural setting that is to your convenience.

Angelic Guidance shows that your recent creative ideas & inspiration can bring you abundance… they show both material and spiritual blessings from your inspiration.

The Angels also show an oncoming period of time where inner-child healing becomes very active for you. Also deep kharmic clearing that can be accelerated by honest acceptance of personal weaknesses. The Angels remind us that sometimes that what we are most terrified of and avoid is usually that what we need to send love to & accept in ourselves. They suggest learning some type of releasing breath work (Tonglen, Shamanic or Emotional Release Breathwork) to help you release past negative emotions that may be trapped in your subconscious but also etheric field as painful memories… the beauty of this release is the shining spiritual truth you will receive.

They suggest you utilise female intuition and guidance…

this intuition and guidance leads you to a deep emotional healing based on forgiveness… forgiveness of yourself and also of others.

We will be updating your post later today… The Angels say that breathing deeply into your tummy while thinking LOVE and also breathing out while thinking LOVE will help you get thru this transitory time of growth. They also suggest looking at the above image ~ they say if you focus on the center light & image the spiral of pure light around you blanketing you and healing you it will help you relax and heal your energy field. 

The Angels have shown us that they are bathing your soul with many colours of healing light. The turbulence you feel is actually old energies that were ‘stuck’ inside you being shifted & transmuted. You can assist this change by deep breath work, chanting or singing.

They say that you need to help release old energies that are causing emotional blocks for you….some choose to laugh through these changes…others cry…some dance…….others howl

The important process is releasing all to Heaven to be transmuted. Angels again suggest that breathing through emotions while in prayer and alone leads your heart & soul to forgiveness.

Angels strongly suggest that getting outside and into sunlight will help you from slipping into a depression… they say.. choose happy thoughts and soon you will be healed by the light pouring into the darkness.

Angels explain that your new level of self love & respect for yourself due to healing has torn down old boundaries with some friendships.. as we grow and change so do our friendships… what is meant for us to journey further stays with us and what does not falls away but always becomes love even from a grateful distance.

The Angels show that your prayer, meditation & study is your greatest strength towards healing yourself mind & body.

Angelic guidance shows that by working with an angelic messenger’s translations for you, you are reaching greater levels of forgiveness & a much stronger sense of self that allows you to follow heavenly signs & guidance.

Angelic guidance shows that you are growing towards spiritual peace and auric clearing that gives you in depth spiritual insight to yourself with visions of what your life may be like… you may notice that you are more clairaudient… meaning hearing Angel whispers… these angel whispers may come through in your dreams as divine guidance.

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3 thoughts on “Chelsie

  1. Chelsie on said:

    Could I perhaps get an update at some time?
    Things have been like a rollar coaster, things have gotten better and worse for me. I lost a best friend, and I’m terrified of losing him for good.

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