Soul Healing

‘ Mary ‘ Catherine

  There is a Goddess of Protection around you… she asked what spirit wanted with you and Blessings were offered…& gracefully accepted.

Ruby Goddess by Cedar 

Molten ruby light was wrapped around you. This is usually Archangel Chamuel & Archeia Charity

and then the light was flushing thru your legs and feet into earth grounding and washing any densities.

Angels & Faeries are

around you blessing you.

A Butterfly Maiden with

blessing hands lay her hands

on your head sending

healing light through

your crown chakra.

A Show Girl was dancing ~old time as in an old fashioned circus or old dance hall.

Three Arrows were seen flying.

A Dart Board came into view.

There was an Alligator Snapping.

Golden sparkly finger nails & golden horse hooves.

You were blessed with Apples of Sophia Wisdom.

A Flowing red scarf was seen.

The Wheel of Fortune figures in your life.

Old dance hall. This could be a recent past-life as old show girl.

Woman coming onto stage with long flowing dark hair and violet velvet dress was seen and also whispered past life for you. You must have been a performer.

They also showed a vintage Female Circus Performer saying this was another life-time of yours.


Angelic Guidance Blessings blesses you with feathers & affirms that you are very much in charge of something and  your calm expression of ideas helps you and others…

You are working on a project that will be successfull…

a project that leads you to a body of water…

You have a knowing about this… a gut instinct. Angels suggest you have high aspirations…. and this is good Reach for the stars.. the universe is helping you.

Angels suggest that your greatest mental strength right now is a union and a Heavenly Blessing with gratitude coupled with grounded self awareness…

you don’t get fooled easily … you know what is real and what isn’t… A Gold Pyrite Sun Disc will help protect you.

Your emotional strength is your healthy self love, your perspective towards life of love  laughter and honesty.. a blood line whether etheric or genetic from Gypsy fortune telling and your ability to deal with strong emotions especially during the full moon cycle. This could also be a Sagittarian Moon either yours or someone close.

Angels acknowledge that you have been carrying a heavy load regarding a spiritual gathering or celebration (LOL) They show you adeptly using a sword of truth to cut thru unnecessary entanglements… also the cutting of chords that occured during a spiritual blessing/ healing… they ask you to take off your cloak of invisiblity and let your light be seen.

The Angelic realm shows you beginning a phase of receiving strength from  messages of love. The outcome is a financial agreement which manifests after or during or involving a short journey over land… the short journey over land reveals your true life purpose in service to others ~ the journey also increases your prosperity.

Angels show you studying music that brings you great blessings of divinely timed answered prayers.

You are a blessed woman ~ be blessed ~ know you are blessed ~ know that you can help other women know they are blessed also.

Much Love, AngelsLightWorldwide

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