Soul Healing
Reflection Blessings

Archangel Haniel

Reflection BlessingsArchangel of God’s Grace, Intuition,

Natural Healing, Natural Medicine, Ancient Wisdom,

Light in the forest of blind despair.

Haniel is usually felt as a feminine energy

and is considered to be the Angel of Intuition.


Aligned with the moon & stars

Archangel Haniel oversees astronomy,

spiritual healing & astrology.

Archangel Haniel illuminates the dark…

call on Haniel to help disperse & heal any

of your ‘darker’ instincts like anger or jealousy


Archangel Haniel has the gift of shining

grace into any situation…


Musical harmony &

harmony of all are

the blessings Haniel brings…


The Intuition of female mother energy

or wolf energy is also aligned with Haniel…


Shining light on our dark places

so that we may reflect on

them in the light is

Another gift of Haniel…

Grace & Harmony of

the heart is Haniel’s specialty.

Call on Haniel for all romance issues

and broken heart healing.

Thank You Archangel Haniel for all that you do…

We Love You.

Keep shining for us ~ You are beautiful…

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