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Saint Jude: Miracle Worker for Desperate Cases

Beloved Jude, you have burned a sacred fire in my heart since I was a small child…

I always ran to you when I foolishly did not feel worthy of your ever loving cousin Yeshua

~ the many times I felt my hurt was not important enough for anyone to care…

I have lovingly sent your heart many causes over the years some of them my own

and some of them others’…

I have testified to others the miracle working of your ways.

I have discovered that no plea whether small or large is trivial

to your heavenly heart & sanctified soul.

I come to you today with love, hope & faith in my heart

that your heavenly love will intervene

not just for my necessities

but for the necessities of others I pray for…

some need miracles of physical healing,

others need miracles of relationship mending,

others need miracles of primary basic living  

& still others need miracles of regaining hope

& release from fear.

Your Miracle working is deemed miraculous in

the hope of desperate cases & desperate causes.

I have seen & felt your Miracles through out my life and in the life of others.

I know & believe that your love is so divine that your heart CREATES…

You are the creative miracle worker…

The divine soul that truly exemplifies that through God & his helpers



Beloved Jude,

Miracle Worker

and example of God’s heavenly love for us

& example of The Christ – Yeshua your loving cousin

– intercede for us today & all days.

You in your heart of heavenly love & wisdom know what we need.

I Trust in You.

~ Please feel free to leave Request or Thanks to Saint Jude in comments ~

~angelslightworldwide @2012

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7 thoughts on “Saint Jude: Miracle Worker for Desperate Cases

  1. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    St Jude has been my Savior for many many years. But if you could add your special words with mine I know we can continue to bring Divine Intervention into Jane’s life to save her and her family. I thought losing an 18 year old son was heartache but this is devastating for us all – just so hard to believe it has happened.

  2. Thank you:)

  3. St Joseph the Worker Feast Day is celebrated on 1st May. The title, St Joseph the Worker, was given to St Joseph, the patron of carpenters, builders and all workers by Pope Pius XII in 1955.

  4. Richard on said:

    Pray for me dear st. Jude

    • Beloved Saint Jude, Miracle worker of lost causes , enfold us in your love & compassion. Strengthen us in your eternal hope.
      With broken hearts we reach out to thee to be healed & guided to and.through the Miracle of God.

      • Richard on said:

        Please pray for me st. Jude. I am waiting for the miracle in few hours, I know God will grant me , Thank you God +++

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