Soul Healing


“The soul is so strong. To endure time away in human form. But does tire and needs replenishing.”  Joe

 Angelic Love Blessings Joe 

I have added your name

to a prayer candle

& ask that your soul

be replenished…

the world has become tiring

but we may do all things

thru those that strengthen us

with Heaven’s Love

 I hear that your faith is strong.

Skeptical of many humans but

clearly able to see the pure of heart

and willing to believe in their

transformation & recovery.

You are very close to Angels. 

Hope, Love & Faith


Healing Light

 Your Heart is ‘feeling’ more than it has in the past…

It feels as if your heart is feeling for

the first time in a long time…

a beautiful heart journey that has become a rebirth.

Your heart was not cold but certain

‘things’ in life had numbed

part of it and disconnected you

from constant replenishment.

Angelic messengers are healing &

awakening your Heart Emotions.

You have been receiving and guiding

these messages whether you realise it or not.

So much spiritual truth awakens you further.

Your creative energy and love energy are

flowing in healthy spirals

up thru you into your crown chakra

and then out above you 

re~connecting your aura to Heaven.

 This creative Love energy is called sacred fire or kundalini.

As this energy increases you may

find life changes necessary to

nourish your creativity that flourishes.

 Angels say that you are very aware

of the light you send & receive.

They lovingly say that you share with

beautiful humility rather than ego. 

You are a magnificent Earth Light for others

whether others realise it or not.

Angelic Love Blessings to you Joe…

We hope you enjoy your Soul Healing & Angelic Guidance.

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