Soul Healing


Angelic Crystal Guidance confirms that your soul is very much a part of the Oneness. Your deep search within has given you this divine understanding without any questions asked. Oneness is innate to your soul….

You know that we are all created from Divine Father Great Spirit’s breath… This is what helps you meld and become part of the one divine spark that nourishes your creativity.

 Angelic Crystal guidance shows that your best mental asset for you to express your earth ‘mission’  is your definite knowing & realizing of your earth energies and embracing them with extreme patience….

Your strongest emotional or in  this instance ‘meta-physical’ asset is your emotionally passionate dedication to visions of the spirit of the Earth ~ you are completely absorbed and attached to ALL ~ feeling the pulse (in your case rhythm) of the earth hum and all the different realms & their frequencies.

Golden energies of the sun (son) & Solar Angel Michael have been influencing you in many capacities ~ they say this has also appeared in numbers for you and you may not have made the connection… what I hear is that certain numbers or frequencies in light and sound reverberate on the Gold ray. Gold ray is associated with solar plexus, peace, ministration, service, the 6th ray, Archangel Uriel, Archeia Aurora, cinnamon, ginger, saffron, butterscotch (my fave), brocade, wheat, crops, sunshine, protection of entire aura. peace brotherhood, resurrection, divine judgement of all LIVE spelled backwards (evil) LOL… the Gold ray is absolute perfection of the love of divine for us also the true Christ Consciousness as the incarnated Angel Yeshua – the son (sun)  sent to teach us.

The Angels are leading you towards a harmonious gift of LOVE ~ they suggest pink tourmaline & pink calcite to help stimulate those frequencies around you… also colour therapy of softest love pink and warm creamy peach will help you to adjust in balancing your heavenly energies and earthly energies , your base with your heart, with your crown.

 The angels say that you are progressing towards seeking more & more protection from Angelic messengers in your life. Many ‘lightworkers’ are protecting themselves from psychic attack & shielding themselves from the odd energies being released & resisting transformation. Some very basic teachings of a work in progress site for 4 levels of Angelic Shaman course is ‘Intro’ to Angelic Shamanism on our posts is free to help others at: 

The Angels explain that so many see you as radiating with positive energy and great healing light.

Odd as it may seem you are so wonderful at giving to others healing but are a little shy about taking for yourself ~ allow the heavenly light to replenish & nurture you.


The Angels suggest that you learn shamanic breath work to silently dissipate any dense energies you may accumulate during everyday life. This clearing will increase your self~love & compassion for others in the universal mind.


The Angels express gratitude for your continuing patience with other ‘starchildren’. Most of all patience with yourself…. nurture your sensitivity… keep your soul cleansed… ask for assistance when needed. Use healing tones, salts, herbs, flowers to help you keep energy light & pure. Much Angel Love & Light

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One thought on “RUMPA

  1. Rumi on said:

    Thanks Aurora and ofcourse I thank the Angels for their beautiful message.

    Lots of Love 🙂

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