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Antonio Marques, my father, who has a few months left (esophagus cancer), any help with his transition from physical to spirit would be deeply appreciated, he has had a very hard time to let go and to self forgive. Also myself, yamyah (Elisabete), any advice, message on how to strenghten my connection with my guardian angel would be wonderful ♥

Much Love and Blessings xx

Angelic Love Blessings ~
I am adding right now your father’s name to a prayer candle ~ Guardian Angels ~ Angelos de le guardia ❤ ~ I am asking that Angels of Self~forgiveness & forgiveness bless him deeply ~ from my experiences your father will do this either before or after passing… I will do a guidance blessing for you ~ Initially they say with smiles… you are very connected ~ I personally say Guardian Angel prayer at least once a day ~ also invoke heavenly Angels before sleep ~ I posted a new version of Angelic Prayer ~ I’ll post link here in a few ~ later on (by tomorrow) I will make you your own post and leave the link to post here also ~ Love & Gratitude

here is link to Angel prayer written last night ((( xoxox ))) :

The Angels explain that right now is a time of emotional magnification for you ~ Many of us have this reaction to the Full Moon ~ we need to breathe thru any emotions and know that this stage will pass. They say that your dream work is light filled and it will give you an inner knowing ~ trust your instinct. Celestite also helps for Angelic connection to remain strong during fluctuating earth energy. Relying on this inner knowing helps you get through any emotional magnification. They explain that your greatest mental strength right now is your ablity to find light in the darkness ~ you see a light ahead as in a vision you have ~ go for it!. You may suffer from PTSD and they suggest sodalite rock for you either in a bracelet worn on left arm or a pendant that hangs near the heart chakras.

The Angels also say that your strongest emotional strength lays in a new spiritual beginning as in ascending higher or having your gifts enhanced. This is directly linked to your new vision coming from angelic truth.

They show that your recent phase of being very creative with your given and received spiritual guidance is leading you thru a time where patience is most important in your realisation of your vision.

The next phase for you is a time of laughter and embracing earth energies. Are there entities on lower frequencies distracting you from the Angelic realm? They do this sometimes… it is so important to pray & clear using music, salt & a variety of herbs (check out another new site we are building)

Laughing Buddha is very important during these times as laughter actually frenetically shakes off dense energy clinging to us.

As he laughs he also raises his hands arms above head and pushes away any incoming energy.

You are very loved for your peaceful travels thru the universe with the Angels by your side ~ always ask them to escort you.

Being stronger than freewill in devotion to the divine can be a challenge even if our hearts are pure ~ we are human ~ but if we ask for assistance to combat free will we have teams of Angels to help.

The Angels show that your calm and planned with foresight & courage manifestation of your purpose here on earth comes to fruition bringing about positive change in your life.

You are on a beautiful journey and very connected to the Angels ~ focus on clearing and balancing and your connection should intensify ~ I see the Angels blessing you~ lots of sparkly gold and a deep electric blue.

Many Angelic Love Blessings Divine on your journey beloved ~ Trust that we are always with you.

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6 thoughts on “Yamyah

  1. Yamyah on said:

    i cant thank you enough for this ♥ everything you said has echoed my recent thoughts and answered my questions…i’ve been looking for a stone that could strenghten my connection to the angelic realm, it was a choice between angelite & celestite, so thank you!! Clearing, yes…honing my gifts and Joy (laughter, healing heart), all of it makes so much sense to me and i now understand my intuition on seeking these for myself was coming from them.

    Much Love and gratitude to you ♥

    • You are so very welcome ~ Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share the gift ~ I have Angelic friends that help clear me & never great at ‘guiding’ myself ~ Enjoy beloved ((( heart hugs)))

  2. Yamyah on said:

    thank you so much for the prayer ♥

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