Soul Healing



Angelic Love Blessings Arna ~ The Angels show that you are in service to them helping spread light & love ~

Angel of Service 

They explain that your delivery of light through bringing joy is done with very calm expression and with pregnant silence ~

They say your strongest mental gift right now is your acceptance of spiritual guidance ~ you are open and willing to receive their guidance ~ you are a good pupil of the Angelic Realm ~

Your strongest emotional asset is your ‘knowing’ of Angelic truth ~

You have reached a beautiful place in your life where you are balanced and aligned with Heaven & you are very loved.

You are delving in deeper for a great Heart Chakra Healing ~ You are strengthening to shine even more with physical and spiritual radiance that repels negativity. You are so balanced and happy in strength you are able to influence others with your joy.

Archangel Michael reminds you to call on his energy when ever you need protection.

 Many love you for your dreamy gifts of love & kindness ~

A deep soul memory you have is that of being a bringer of joy to many others ~ You are driven to continue this practice with divine help ~

Your deep knowing of universal conscious gifts you with authentic self love ~

The full moon may affect your emotions by magnifying them. Say , think, write pray for additional peace in your life over the next few days until the moon energy dissipates ~

Dance in the sunshine…

 Think Love, Breathe Love, Be Love…

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3 thoughts on “Arna

  1. This is beautiful I am honoured and humbled. love is pushing through my cells reminding me of who I AM.
    Thankyou beautiful Angel

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