Soul Healing

Daniel age 23

Daniel is very sensitive to many things around him. He is empathic ~ Prayer can help him but also some spirit cleansing techniques ~ something as simple as a walk at the beach or a cupful of salt to a bath Epsom salts in bath or a scrub also help…

Lavender & Geranium Bath Salts

Dead Sea Salts are best but good old home salt works. The pure unprocessed salt like from Utah, Peru or Himalayans is quite phenomenal but pricier but you can find it online in bulk for less.

~ Geranium essential oil or even the potted flowers help return happiness and light heartedness .

~ Geranium’s can work wonders.

Roses are of very high frequency also.

It is about raising our own soul frequency. The higher our soul vibrates the easier it is for the soul to shake off/transform dense energies thru prayer. Also the frequency vibration of the flowers increase the vibration of all surrounding space so that Divine energy can manifest when we pray ~ it is easier although not necessary for the Angels to intervene/help when our own vibration is high.

Angels send glittery sparkling energy that rejuvenates our energy and removes sorrow from our Hearts. Archangel Chamuel helps re~open our hearts to love and recreate loving energies in and around us.

 Daniel will soon realise that he is a spiritual warrior.. a type of earth Angel that is made/wired so sensitively that they hear & feel everything.. Once they clear with healing work, prayer and other natural soul cleansers they feel strong! But they must regularly cleanse. The Angels explain that he is realising his spiritual power in a humble way ~ he has humility that keeps him from letting others know how sensitive he is ~ he could be a great prayer Angel or hands on healer. The realisation he is coming to will have him embark on a new spiritual beginning ~ a new approach to everything where he’ll be taught so much from others but also through Spirit ~ The Angels say that they teach him while he sleeps… He’d be wise to invoke protective guardian angels before he sleeps ~

they will surround him during dream work.

Much Angel Love

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3 thoughts on “Daniel age 23

  1. Thankyou so much for this beautiful gift, I feel unbounded joy and gratitude. I will pass this on to Daniel. my heart beats with love for your work.

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