Soul Healing

Lisa M.

Flashes & streaks of Arch Angel Michael’s LIGHT

surround you ~ feel them purify your energy field…

as his light severs chords attached

to you that are weighing you down. 

A walk by the beach in salt air will help clear any dense or

negative energy around you ~ If you are not by the sea then

a salt scrub or bath with bath salts will help clear you also.

There are a few herbs and techniques we use for ourselves

listed in posts on  

I saw an Angel feather land on my arm

~ a sign that your prayers are being heard ~

ask clearly and precisely

what you’d like ~

They know what is best for us… 

 Angelic Love Blessings Lisa,

The Angels suggest the following guidance ~ They say your heart ‘knows’…  a situation you have been silent about is the cutting of etheric and real life chords to something or someone whom you are accustomed to ~ almost as if they or it has become a habit, but severing those chords is very important for your own sense of self & a confident manifestation of a vision you have for your future. The Angels assure you that they are around you ~ This may feel different as many of us are being asked -driven – lead to re~connect Heaven to Earth. Many are feeling earthly light energies and are confused as this feels different than being directly attached only to Angels.. to learn earth energies is part of ascension.

Messages of healing your spirit or Soul Healing messages give birth to you evolvement and personal soul healing.

The dark side leads us to be judgemental of others & to also hold tightly to those judgements.. The Angels ask you to loosen up.. lighten up.. Let go of previous judgements or interactions with others as we all are growing and changing just as you are growing & changing and need not judge yourself. By releasing all judgement you become a bringer of Joy to others’ hearts and souls. They suggest that you practice grounding ~ hematite is suggested to help ~ this is where your wishes are coming true… by grounding.. Angels also encourage you to LAUGH at any worry or conflicting feelings you may have ~ self humour is a step towards self love & acceptance where we can see all of us in all of everyone. A meeting or union brings about great felicity, hope & positive results for you ~ A true gift of LOVE. This Angelic Guidance is a journey.. meaning this will develop with your dedication to prayer, listening to your Angels throughout the day and night towards completing steps necessary for your spiritual ascension…. You are so loved.


UPDATE 04/09/12

Angelic Guidance shows that much of your present healing is being accomplished during dream~time. Dream work is washing and lighting your soul as you sleep. There are also Angels around you when you sleep.


Visions or dreams of Earthy Queen,

a Taurus woman or A female shaman.

A woman who has greatness of soul and gorgeous depth in her understanding of Earth helps you on your road to forgiveness.


Angelic guidance also shows that your patience is truly a virtue for you at the moment… Patience with others & patience with yourself. Your ability to seperate from gossip or heresay and your focus allows divine timing to work providence so that you are right on time and exactly where you are meant to be.

Divine Intervention is working through your life.  

Keep following the suggested guidance

they send to you through prayer.

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One thought on “Lisa M.

  1. Lisa Murie on said:

    Again, I give my thanks. I will continue to follow the path laid out before me and continue to pray. I have, indeed, started to dream again. This might seem trivial to some, but for me it means everything. And I am paying attention to the messages they are sending me as best I can. Hugs, love and light~Lisa

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