Soul Healing

Barbara & Family

~ Miracles occur in all shapes & sizes ~

Heaven know no bounds when it

comes to Divine Intervention ~


 I know you believe in Miracles so do I.

I saw silver feathers floating down and blessing you today ~ I have searched for a fitting photograph to show you what I saw but have decided to post the 3 so you get an idea what I saw ~


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21 thoughts on “Barbara & Family

  1. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    This I know to be true. Divine intervention is so welcome. Thank you.

  2. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    I just heard the most awesomest Divine Intervention story ever from Jane. Thank you. Please continue to save her and bring her to recovery.

  3. In prayer I have asked for more Miracles for you & your family ~ A shower of rose petals from Heaven.

  4. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    I just saw the rose petals – thank you – Jane needs more and more miracles – every minute is still a crisis for her. Our hearts ache as we watch and support her in her struggles. Another miracle occurred as in this struggle Daddy of their special needs child who can only communicate through eye gaze has finally seen the magic that this child emanates to all.

    • That is such a huge miracle in itself Barbara… beautiful ~ May their blessings continue ~ Heavenly Angels, God’s messengers and in his service continue blessing Barbara’s family with divine intervention & guidance alighting the sacred gifts all around them.

      • Barbara Godfrey on said:

        Oh yes I know the hugeness of this Miracle that he has finally seen his child with eyes of hope. To this point Jane has been the sole caregiver of Alice – every minute of her life. To talk with her and watch her eyes communicate is an experience that her Dad can now enjoy. I too continue to pray for Divine Intervention for more Miracles for Jane and her family. Thanks to you and your mission my daughter is no longer alone.

      • Many prayers Barbara & family ~ May your hearts be filled with joy ~ May the miracles be brighter & greater than you can imagine. I see many angels shining lights on to each of your family members… the Angels soften your son in laws emotional heart’ This new awakening for him takes a burden from your daughters heart also~ there are still challenges ahead but each will be met with more miracles on a day to day basis.. One day at a time and sometimes one second at a time ~ every moment is fluid and changeable.. prayer changes these moments into miracles…

      • Barbara Godfrey on said:

        I am so Blessed to have found you – to have a friend who sent me to you. To know the Angels are covering them all eases my pain. Thank you for letting me know the Miracles are happening for them. I continue my prayers for them and for you and you gifts.

      • Love Blessings Barbara ~ Continued Miracles

      • Hoping you felt prayer today for you & family ~ I saw at one stage floating luminescent silver feathers floating down on you blessing you ~

    • Angel Love ~ thank you for appreciating ~ sending Angel blessings. If you’d like Soul Healing and small Angelic Guidance we’d love you to leave your name in comments under Soul Healing sign up.

  5. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    Thank you for the silver feathers and prayers. Yes I was very much lighter and free of pain. Divine Intervention continues and Angels surround us.

  6. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    Now Jane must dig into her past for the roots. Please continue to pray to give her the strength to see this through. Miracles are certainly needed for her complete recovery. She is so loved. Thank you for all your help.

    • yes she is added to the candle again and so are you ~ thank you for letting me be of service even if long distance ~ prayer travels! Miracles Miracles Miracles!

      • Barbara Godfrey on said:

        Another huge miracle for Jane – special needs Alice (a rare Rett Syndrome has robbed her of speech, movement and use of her hands and she speaks through eye gaze) is going to work with Daddy. He is just waking to Alice’s magic and now he wants to show her to the world. But Jane will be alone with the children next week – driving to school, doing errands and needs protection from temptation. Please continue to hold her in your special way so she can remain sober and fight to recovery from this horrible disease.

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