Soul Healing


Angelic Love Blessings Lor,

You are wise to want to check or test the spirits you see as Heavenly Angels are the only supernatural beings we need contact with.
You may ask them directly if they serve God & Heaven (different names in different languages/translations) ~ that is one question that only Heavenly Angels will say yes to ~ There are other ways that are little more complex but the important thing is to keep your soul cleansed with prayer and other natural techniques like herbs, rocks, prayer beads and also sound healing. Some of these are contained in posts on our  main site in the Rose Ministry & also on in many of the posts.

Angels are very graceful in the interactions with us ~ Entities are not graceful. Also take note of any colourful light a sparks of light you may see as different angels vibrate at different colours.
Your name has been added to a simple pink holy candle. Pink conects with Archangel Chamuel and helpers to help LOVE and feeling love.
Your heart will guide you to our career.
Check back here in 24 hrs if you forgot to  check box notify me of following comments ~ I will post a link here for your ‘Angelic Guidance Soul Healing Post’ including any Angelic Guidance we receive for you more in depth on these matters.
Much Angel Love,


Rose & Jasmine attract romance by helping raise your LOVE energy Vibration  ~ if you are not allergic you can use the essential oils or fresh flowers to help raise your Love & Angel Vibration. Jasmine & Rose candles or naturally scented bath salts also help. If these scents are to sweet for you and no allergy is present patchouli and or sandalwood can be added or substituted.
Angelic Love Blessings Lor,
Your Angelic Crystal Guidance verbatim are: new visions for you confident manifestation angelic messenger healing heart ~ My translation is very similar ~ you new visions must be your strong and confident calling upon your Angels ~ They have come to help heal you with Angelic Messages & Healing your heart. very direct don’t ya think!!!  Smiles.
They suggest you acquire some Angelite a crystal that helps increase Angelic Connection. This rock also helps create a feeling of Peace.
Angels affirm once again that your Heart is Healing & being awakened to a new vibration of LOVE ~ They ask that you relax & accept this light and love and heart healing with silence & grace ~ you are blessed with Celestial Knowing ~ meaning somethings can never be put into words.
Angels ask you to have Patience with your free will asking only for Heaven’s Intervention in your life & temperment ~ Angel suggest that you continue to practice handing things over to Heaven ~ Blessed Mother directly inspires your creativity.
Much Heavenly Angel LOVE & Light ~
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6 thoughts on “Lor

  1. Thank you very much. This is all very new to me as I started seeing orbs and such after trying meditation. After some reading and research I realized I need to call my Angels. I do praise Jesus for my gift however I get confused as to why I can see these now in my later life. God Bless…

    • Also, this just started happening to me just a few months ago however, I have always been very intuitive.

      • Many of us are just waking up in the past 10 years and also their Vibration is stronger ~ If you go to main blog nd lok for Souls of the Blue Ray post ~ Those soul types have been born a few in 1960 ` 64, more in 1965 ~ 68 and then more until about 1972 ~ This soul type has lain dormant and observing ~ many suffering ~ Now that we can see .hear them we also fill with compassion for others which is empathic as many of us have suffered being misunderstood ~ the post explains more in detail ~
        God Bless You!
        Candle still lights for you.

      • here is the link to post about blue ray soul ~ Not every soul born during that time was a Blue Ray ~ they are rare ~ Before this time indigo soul types were born. These soul types plus the later crystal souls, rainbow souls and so on were prophecied in Holy Books. Some like to say we are the Angels we have been waiting for (in all humility of course) It can be quite a surprise to wake up to these abilities ~ Angel Blessings

  2. Absolutely amazing information thank you! I appreciate you being here!

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