Soul Healing

Prayer Transforms


I still find it so amazing that Earth Angels, Angelic Shaman, Prayer Angels  are given  ‘Heavenly’ info for others’ soul healing…

Our gift doesn’t come as mediumship per se ~ Alot of information from past lives that needs subconscious acknowledgment for healing ~ some call this Akashic Record Healing with Archangel Metatron ~ we both refer to it as Soul Healing.

I have seen so many souls heal huge issues just by hearing a past life from Angels that helps them heal… People usually say… ‘Oh THAT’S why such & such is such an issue for me!!!’ ~ they spend years sometimes trying to heal a symptom thinking it was from this life time and they get frustrated ~ Once they realise it is from a past life incarnation it gives them focus and we both help Angels clear the residual dense energy from the soul experience~

Brian & I are ‘clair’ everything ~ Heavenly Angels send impressions to us thru all senses each in our own unique way ~ Brian ‘sees’ very precise images, feels energy & also ‘hears’. If a child is missing ~ Aurora hears them call for mommy and the Angels also ‘give’ her sound tones and ‘scent’ impressions even taste sometimes with this experience and its variances. Before an earthquake Aurora hears highpitched tone and also physically quiver…. Brian usually ‘sees’ a vision of the reaper before natural disaster not as a call to prophecy but as a call to pray for regions situations & to help guide light & love to situations.

All of humanity’s prayer and loving positive thoughts help transform situations, places, people into Miracles ♥ 


Below is a picture click link to VibraKeys ~ This photo ‘accidentally’ posted here so I am going with the flow and making this a formal link to their site

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