Soul Healing



Angelic Love Blessings Helen,

Your Soul Healing request came with an abundance of guidance for you!!!! I am sorry you suffer and hope that any of what follows helps as suggestions for you and that you know how loved you are and your plea for healing must have been heard with all they ask me to share with you.

The Angels showed me a bright light shining on you ~ They also showed me soft layers of the softest but bright pink light around you ~ The white light helps purify and heal. The Pink Light helps us feel LOVE as it is the color frequency of the energy frequency of love ~ Often times Angels will surround us in this pink light as their love shines on us, but also to help us feel love for ourselves ~ The PINK light corresponds with what is known as the High Heart Chakra which usually located just under the front of our left shoulder but moving diagonally down slightly towards our heart. It is where the energy of our self-love and personal love as in romance ‘lives’ ~ By seeing this I know that they are strengthening your spirit and helping you feel love after a long arduous road of chronic illness. Enjoy this beautiful blessing from them and help yourself to as much pink light as you want! Visualize it around you. Help increase the vibration by wearing pink or having pink flowers or paintings near you.


The  Angels also strongly urge you to listen to melodious music ~ They suggested string instruments like violin and harp especially ~ The sound frequencies or hz of different sounds actually help heal our minds, bodies and souls. You can also find on youtube ‘solfeggio tones’ ~ there are several tones to listen to ~ The one being called the Miracle Tone for Healing is 528 hz. Here is a youtube link explaining there history and effects ~   

Here is a link to 528 hz:

Enjoy the Music you love and sing along! The sound frequency healing technique needs to be used on a regular basis as long as your ears have no problems with sound or it doesn’t affect your health in an adverse manner. If you don’t like the tones classical music is quite healing also.

Angelic guidance blessings also show you healing a heavy burden from a past life ~ usually once we are made aware of this a simple prayer to Divine Mother asking her to help heal and remove any burdens from you works quite efficiently. They ask you to make a hobby or past time of yours that is of service a monthly event, this also fits in with suggestion to simplify everything in your life.

During this time of excessive solar flares many of us are feeling increased agitation and also increased physical symptoms of any disease in our bodies so the Angelic Realm suggests we ‘ground’ our spirits more often ~ meaning stay in body ~ Hematite is a natural stone that greatly assists in grounding ~ also magnetic therapy as in bracelets or jewelery or other magnetic treatment. The Angels keep stressing self~love and a need to nurture that self love. Maybe you have been a giver your whole life and need to accept or receive help from others.

They also show you embracing earth and purity. They maybe suggesting looking to Mother Earth for proven treatments like homeopathy and holistic medicine.

Victorian Angels

I also see many flowers for you ~ this may be part of the holistic medicine you need to investigate.

Much Love & Light

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