Soul Healing


Heavenly Angelic Love Blessings ~  I have added your names to the spiritual flame of LOVE Candle ~ Over the next while I will ask and assist with Heart Weaving for you both ~ and also Twin Flame Love Blessing from a distance from my own twin flame and I ~ You can assist Heaven by getting (if not allergic) Rose Oil & Jasmine Oil or Fresh wild grown flowers for the Frequency of the scent… Make sure you both smell these scents (If not allergic! ) and also place the scent on your pillows ~ This is not a ‘spell’ but a heavenly Gift ~ The natural frequency of scents correlates for our different needs on Earth ~ Jasmine & Rose attract Angels and Love ~You can also assist Heaven’s Angels by ‘blessing yourself’ ~ Using each hand  in turn ~ Bless yourself with a slow but strong intentioned diagonal sweep from the top of your head down to the opposite hip ~ while thinking I cut all chords to negativity in my life and in my relationship ~ I renew my heart and my husbands heart with the Grace of Heaven’s Love washing and purifying ~ I feel the Sacred Heart of Yeshua and of Humanity enfolding itself around my husband & I ~ around our marriage & sanctifying our precious vows of LOVE.  I sever all chords to any energetic intrusions into our marriage by any others wants and needs ~  Love Blessings Beautiful One!  I will be back with further guidance as soon as it is received and Typed ~ It will be here added to you post and I will leave a comment for you to let you know it has arrived ~ so make sure you check notify me of follow up comments.        

Recovery Road thru Angelic Guidance

I received quite a bit of Angelic Guidance for you to consider!  They say how grateful for your contribution of writing as it helps so many understand ~ Parts of the guidance are quite obvious seeing your beautiful blog ~ but the guidance came thru angelically as affirmation for you ~ every word ~ I double check and cross correlate guidance to make sure I am not in error in translating for them ( You are a heavenly Translator also! ) But we knew this!!!  

Heavenly Love Blessings Vonnie & John,

The Angelic realm has offered this guidance for your marriage ~ they acknowledge your prayer for healing the Heart of your relationship. They say this healing had already begun but they are very happy to affirm this for you ~ Your prayers are heard and they’d like you to know that you have a stronger marriage than you realise ~ You must nurture your healing hearts with Grace ~ God/ Heaven sends you messages of LOVE that can quickly heal both of your hearts ~ They recommend visualization of your dream romance and focus on romance as you overcome a sense of loss you have experienced ~ Joy of life together will be reignited by a creative vision you have together ~ The relationship’s ‘mental’ strength comes from knowing that sometimes our human emotions can become magnified. This knowing allows your personal strength to come into action with a somewhat pragmatic approach to ‘fixing’ things ~ your closeness to a true vision of the Christ rushes to your relationship’s defense ~ always rely on the message of his teaching and fall on Christ about love and also Heaven supports marriage with so much back up!  Archangel Chamuel is referred to as Archangel of Heart, Romance & Love ~ He has many helpers also ~ The Angels you need always arrive as Heaven hears and feels your heart even without you asking ~ they know ~ a sense of unconditional love is very present in your heart and relationship ~ all that our Lord taught us and still does teach us.

What supports your marriage emotionally is your ability to put mind over matter and your positive hope with lack of Fear… Your ability to take leaps of faith also brings you great sunshine, Joy and confident manifestation of your prayers.


Whether you realize it or not you have been working very closely with Heavenly Angels ~ You are speaking/transmitting truths to a universal mind/ audience ~ trying to make sense to everyone with Angelic Truth ~ They say you are moving into a stage where you concentrate on balancing and aligning each other ~ which makes sense as they earlier suggested 40 days and 40 Nights book/ exercise that teaches gratitude and giving of oneself in a marriage relationship ~ or find something that appeals to both of you ~ a middle road compromise ~ your light aura/ spirit will increase in lightness of being after this Full Moon in Leo comes and goes ~ until then be steadfast in positive prayer ~ matching quartz crystals on silver chains are good to repel negativity but the must be energetically cleansed before wear and also once a week minimum ~ cleanse with salt water ~  A vacation or short weekend away also helps bring your prayers to fruition ~ something that is influenced by Divine Mother, Motherhood, or your own Mother is associated with the trip or vacation. Angels say you’ll know this immediately.

Over the coming time you will also accept your true purpose here on Earth and that more sensitive people on Earth right now also need some extra protection along with prayer ~ You are very courageous and that is why they have given you a huge heavenly task!!! You have some very positive news coming your way ~ a message or a request ~ also a wedding announcement or wedding ceremony of some sort. You receive Heavenly knowledge of Spiritual Truth from A Heavenly Source of Divine.

Many others here on earth see you clearly as a LIGHT for Earth ~ a spiritual warrior venturing out on a limb with messages for everyone to help clear up confusion by balancing smoothly as an expert juggler of different theological concepts that are actually the same things but in different words ~ in other words you are a translator for Heaven ~ There is a part of your spirit that remembers a past incarnation where you were not allowed to bring your self to full fruition ~ I ask and so can you that the past life memory which you may not recognize is erased so that you may grow into Heaven’s full vision of you. A healing of inner child is also whispered to me ~ a suggestion that you both get in touch with your inner children ~ Play together ~ have fun ~ celebrate a rebirth of LOVE and also Heaven’s Love for you both.

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2 thoughts on “VONNIE & JOHN

  1. I am so grateful, thankful and appreciative. Bless you! May you be blessed with heavenly richness beyond what you could imagine or ask. “Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, to him be the glory!”

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