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Divine Mother of Miracles

‘Divine Mother and your legions of Angels we beseech thee to send forth immediate strength, guidance & assistance to Lynn Marie. We understand this may entail a series of Miracles for her but everything is possible with you beloved Mother God. We know that Heaven never condones the abuse of anyone. Intervene in Lynn’s life and open her eyes to the miracles ~ the miracles may not be financial but they will be of support to her ~ Recovery from abuse is rewarding through long & arduous ~ we know that you beloved Mother and many of Heaven’s Angels with God’s guidance can help her thru this ~ May Archangel Michael be sent to her side  for protection ~ May Archangel Chamuel fill her heart with love and pink light ~ May Heaven strengthen her mind until she is in a safer place ~ May the Unconditional LOVE of the Christ fill her soul erasing any shame and self blame ~  Lead her to safety.’


‘Dear friends
I am in an abusive relationship and have been wanting to leave here for a very long time but have not had the finances to do it. I need help and guidance and a financial miracle to help me fiancially to do this.
Thanking you with Love,
God bless you!

Angelic Love Blessings Lynn Marie ~ I Aurora speak first to you as a woman and sister before inquiring with the Angels ~ The most important thing you do right now is locate the nearest Woman’s Advocacy Group ~ I don’t know what nation, state or city you are in, but this is crucial… They for the most part will understand The battered woman syndrome that you must have at them moment ~ I do understand. ~ It makes it feel like you cannot leave ~ but by reaching out to us all here you must very well be at the end of your tolerance ~ they will also know of places homes for you to recover without finances ~ Safenest is one name but there are several in each city in many countries in the world ~ You may email us directly at : ~ I have been thru this before so I can empathize and admire your courage in reaching out ~ there is no shame and once you recover you can be a shining light for others that are going thru it ~ please contact in email ~ you are also very vulnerable right now and unfortunately could fall prey to even worse!!! You are held deep in our prayers & candle lighting for you ~ I am going to start Angelic Guidance for you now ~ and I will also offer you gifted energy clearing tomorrow or next day ~ whatever you do , try not to let the abuser know you are leaving ~ and you will be guided! May this post you sent be the beginnings of miracles for you ~ Look back later for your angel post ~ I’ll leave the link to it here in comments ~ and please email ~
Much Love,
Aurora & Brian

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5 thoughts on “LYNN

  1. Lynn Marie on said:

    Dear Aurora and amp, Brian,

    Thank you so very much for your love ad kindness . It fills me up with hope and Love. You certainly are a blessing to me and others here on your site. I will be in touch with you through e-mail. I am very grateful.May God and all our angels bless you always to continue this deep and endearing work you have been bestowed.

    Much Love,
    Lynn Marie

  2. Lynn Marie on said:

    Dear Aurora and Brian,

    Thank you very much for your prayers and healing of my chakras. I fill so much more at peace after our Skype sessions. Your healing has been remarkable as i am feeling the heaviness of mental pain and depression being lifted from the abuse. My spirit is starting to feel alive again. I have endured a lifetime of abuse since i was a baby on up to now. I pray that i can start to have a good, happy, normal life the rest of my life as up to now has been so difficult. Blessing and Love to you both and those that are praying for me as well!!
    I send you Love and light!!


    • You are so very welcome Lynne. Thank you for the chance to be able to share our gift to help you ~ It fills both of our hearts to know we made a difference and will continue to do so. Isn’t prayer amazing? Thank You Heaven for your assistance ~ never leave our side Guardian Angels.

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