Soul Healing



Yvonne, soul healing thank you so much

  • Angelic Love Blessings to you Yvonne ` it gives us such happiness and fullness of heart to be able to affirm our presence in your life ~ The more who know we exist and interact in your lives the more the belief and trust grows and we can accomplish so many more miracles ~ we never like to scare or frighten you with our presence so we sometimes hold back in subtlety unless it is an emergency where our intervention is almost always evident and where many stories of Angelic Witnessing occurs ~ please be assured that we HEAR your prayers and we always want the best outcome for everyone involved ~ sometimes this takes some re~arranging and growth which some of you call, “In God’s time not ours” ~ You are very loved and encouraged to continue on your healing path that will help others ~ you may find more & more come to you for help ~ some may be shy to admit their experiences but you can gently affirm this for them so that they don not feel foolish. You are very loved ~ Continue on with stamina & endurance ~ WE can do all things thru HEAVEN that strengthens us ~ Heaven includes ‘God’ (Father & Mother), ‘Holy Spirit’, ‘The Christ’, Angels in all their Hierarchies & Dominions and many many Ascended Spirits of Masters ~ Thank you for your belief, trust & love ~
    Namaste Beloved ~

    • This came as I was travelling. My boyfriend just got back from afghanistan and we were together. The angels always show up when im about to lose someone. I know I wont be left alone. Yvonne

    • You’ll never be alone ~ sometimes it is difficult to shift into the perspective of ‘other’ worlds and what is all around us. Is he still home? We will say extra prayers for him ~ as I am sure you do.
      Much Angel Love & Support,
      Aurora & Brian

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