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Yvonne: The past wont stop coming up

  • Love Blessings Dear One,
    We all need to be reminded to breathe thru past pains ~ doing our best to release dense hurt as we breathe out ~ sometimes this feels like crying or a knot in the tummy ~ or as if something is stuck in your throat ~ when we fight not to remeber something from the past it makes that memeory stronger. The best way to heal past memories is to say Thank You! to the memory ~ I am sorry! Forgive me! I Love you! .. some of the more stubborn past lessons that keep coming up are gentle reminders to not have to learn the same lessons over and over again ~ or a gentle reminder that we need to remove the root pain that sits like a thorn in our hearts and feeling brains around our tummies ~ Salt can cleanse and deflect heavy energies ~ some use it in a salt bath or spray ~ it is important to release these heavy feelings ~ sometimes crying or coughing or singing or chanting Ommmmmmmm or humming to Angel songs help ~ go to the link on our home page and click on picture that says Healing Music ~ it is an hour of Angelic Healing Music ~ light a candle if you can ~ we have a candle lit here for you now ~ you may need a concentrated session of lightwork ~ If you feel you’d benefit as most do have a look through our services page and contact us ~ Meanwhile prayers aplenty ~
    Angels say Breathe……….. Geranium oil and flowers aroma help release past trauma ~ see Rose Ministry page here or for more guidance ~
    You are loved……


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2 thoughts on “YVONNE

  1. Two women being beaten landed at my feet. Then my son and my niece were both beaten by their partners. My dad finally admitted his actions. I was abused by my sons father. the 2nd woman landing at my feet was the last straw. 2 more girls who are abused showed up to talk. Wow. I needed prayer. Thankyou. I am out in the light now 🙂 thankyou for your loving support.

    • It is your Angel Mission so to speak…. I understand. I have been there and done that ~ I saved my first female from rape at the age of 13! The pattern continued without thinking about it ~ This intervention of mine has happened at least 5 times that I am aware of ~ But then I suffered abuse also ~ I guess we had to learn both sides to completely be empathic for other women. We can and do recover ❤ Never the same but full of light.
      Much Angel Love,

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