Soul Healing



Whitney ❤
  • Angel Love Blessings Whitney ~ You are part of a huge prayer circle now ~ that of Heavenly Angels that want what is best for you and all of us ~ By putting your name here you gave the Angels the okay to help you ~ They are always around but can only intervene without us asking in emergencies ~ Feel the light of their love around you ~ They will send you affirmations thru feathers & songs ~ Angelic Guidance will come for you thru us over the next 24 hours and we will leave you another comment with what they say ~ They smile dearly upon you right now and are very pleased.
    Angel Love & Light,
    Aurora & Brian

  • Angel Blessings Whitney!
    Angel Love Blessings Whitney ~
    The Angels show you as very strong in your mind with an instinctual foresight that makes you a master of anything you try!
    Like many of us, your spirit is ‘ascending’ ~ awakening to higher frequencies of light and some are having a difficult time adjusting ~ But with your mental gifts even if you may feel pulled in two directions you are able to keep it together for smooth transitions ~ The Angels remind you to LAUGH during spiritual healing and spiritual guidance ~ Laugh alot through transitions. Have fun! There is a great freedom achieved by letting go and laughing even at yourself when necessary ~ a great sense of self humour without degrading yourself brings an abundance of blessings ~ Hope and ‘luck’ as some may call providence brings you choices in work and strength.
    By simplifying and allowing natural healing through gentle dreamwork helps let go of the old without us noticing ~ You also heighthen sense of inner knowing by allowing any knowledge, healing, wisdom to come to you while you sleep.
    The old adage ‘Early to bed, early to rise keeps you healthy wealthy & wise’ actually has physiological and spiritual reasons why it is very true!!!
    Very simply put, the human body needs complete darkness for a few hours while the human brain makes your sleep endorphins and also leads to your body detoxing ~ while your subconscious needs the REM and different stages of sleep to help your subconscious detox! It is a finely tuned network of functions switched on and off by SUNLIGHT or any light ~ The Angels ask everyone to get deeper healthier sleep ~ For those on night shifts it is essential to wear complete black out eyemasks or have blackout curtains ~ We are finely tuned creatures of Heaven living in Harmony ~
    The Angels also suggest getting a piece if ‘Celestite’ ~ This is a natural rock/crystal that helps raise our vibrations to Angelic Frequencies where we can hear &/or know them more clearly ~
    Angel Love & Light,
    Aurora & Brian


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