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Soul Healing Sign Up


~You Are Loved~

Add your name to comments for Soul Healing ~ Check back the next day for a reply ~ most previous requests have been archived from this list to make room for others ~ your unique Soul Healing Post is still here under the name of link I gave you ~

Much Love & Light

Sacred Lavender 

Another Lightworker’s response to our long distance ‘Angelic Crystal Guidance’ ~

“Appreciate you and your gift . Your reading is amazing~ amazing as always….You are so gifted ….. ♥ ♥ ♥love hearts ♥to u. ♥ You amaze me everytime …the quality of your reading is beyond words”

 ~ A. Tamara

Written for us after a 30 minute Long Distance Birthday Blessing

It was the time of my birthday when I received a note about a spiritual blessing. I was told it would be a form of meditation and could happen long distance at an agreed upon time. I was uncertain since I felt I always had trouble meditating in the traditional way, however, I felt I was willing to participate. We agreed to “meet” at 6:00 pm my time. I went out to my barn and I sat in my chair at 5:50 pm and became quiet and tried not to think.

I closed my eyes and was still. All was quiet and it was finally 6:00pm. I stayed quiet and kept my eyes closed and relaxed. The next thing I knew it was 6:40pm and opened my eyes and looked around. I was so relaxed, I couldn’t move. I sat for another 10 minutes before I moved. I got up to walk back to the house and I felt a little shaky, but so relaxed. When I got back to my computer and sat down, I found a short message from Aurora about our session and she said she would write something up and send it to me. I felt very close to them and I felt I had changed in some way. I continued to be so calm and relaxed and in a way felt like a different person. When I think back I feel that my body may have remained in that chair, but I am not so sure I did. I think the three of us somehow were together when all this happened. I can’t say enough about the content of the report I received. It was wonderful and it contained something about me that they could not have known, and yet there it was. Everything in the report resonated with me and I believe all that happened was very “real”. I am so grateful that such a blessing was done on me, and I would strongly encourage others to experience the wonderment of such a Blessing.

                          ~  ’Spiritguide’

A Letter Written to AngelsLightWorldWide about our private in person Blessings from Mikki short for Michael ♥ SHE is named after ArchAngel Michael ♥ She asked that we share this letter to help others that may benefit from Sacred Heart Blessings ♥

‘I had a very peaceful tranquil feeling after my blessing with Aurora & Brian. I saw an amber halo in my mind. The scent of sage, the music & candles were so soothing to my soul. I kept thinking the session was over but they had only just begun. I heard a very pleasant sounding of I believe a bell and I saw an Angel inside the Amber Halo in my mind. I felt so at peace. I then began to release a lot of old stored up guilt, some real guilt, some I believe also many of us carry because we were perhaps taught to feel shame – (not necessarily from any one person but a lot of us for whatever reason hold a lot of false guilt I believe ) This release of guilt made me weep. I held it inI My eyes were closed but my eyes welled up & I felt release. I also have back & neck pain  – they laid their hands over these areas at the end – after this gentle blessing both have been better since. I felt that a lot of my fears have been lifted. I feel at peace & full of love. Thank you God for working through Aurora & Brian to help me. These are two gentle, insightful & kind souls. I have not one negative thought in my mind. They are precious. There are Angels all  over their home. Need I say more? Spread the LOVE.’

~ Mikki short for Archangel Michael 

♥ Another note from a friend about Love Blessings over the phone ♥

‘ I have had 2 meditation/relaxation sessions with Brian and Aurora over the phone and they had an amazing impact on me. All I can say is that I am a believer in what they do. They are warm, compassionate and loving. Give them a try if you are in need of some spirtual help.’

~ Ron in Beverly Hills, CA

More beautiful news about private in person Sacred Heart Love Blessings

‘Thank you my dear friends for “clearing” my blocked chakra’s !!!! I am alive and well again ♥ ♥ ♥ Maybe cleaning and scrubbing them is more appropriate. Love and light is the way.’

DGW ~Lightworker, Herbologist France & Nevada ~ whom has since met and is engaged to Twin Flame ~ wedding we are officiating ~

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25 thoughts on “Soul Healing Sign Up

  1. Angelic Love Blessings Helen,

    I am adding your name to a Bright Candle Flame of Love & Hope ~ We can ask the Angels as I’m sure you have to help you ~ At the very least they will strengthen your mental stamina and spirit of hope through chronic disease ~ Make sure you click notify me of new comments ~ A reply a nd prayer link with Angelic Guidance will be posted within 24 hours for you ~
    Know and feel that your prayers are being heard ~
    Much Heavenly Angel Love

  2. I am SO impresses and Grateful for your help with Daniel,
    I wonder If you could put me (arna) on your prayer list also, I’d like to clear some old stuff that may be impeding the my flourishing on Earth. x
    ps- do you like the colour blue?

  3. ((( smiles ))) Shontrelle has very strong mother energy. She is an old soul & may have been a medicine woman in previous life.

  4. We will lovingly create a guidance for you as a parent ~ Right away they suggest that you continue to allow freedom of creation with your children as they discover their inner gifts ~ It may be a few days until the post is done.

    Much Angels Love……

  5. sahajabhishek on said:

    Abhishek kumar baranwal
    pls help me remove all negative crystallised thought patterns from my subconscious.I want to have a life full of prosperity,love and nature around me.:)

    • Beautiful Soul Abhishek ~ Heaven’s Angels are very willing and able to remove these thoughts or seeds of negativity from your subconscious. By asking for their assistance you allow them or give them permission together with Creator God whom loves you dearly.
      Many prayers of love & gratitude for your peaceful thoughts and wishes for right to be done on earth without harm to others has given you a special connection to Heaven. They ask that you continue to ask them to help you peacefully and to have faith that his will be done on Earth in LOVE & PEACE & GRATITUDE.
      your individual prayer post will be delayed as AngelsLightWorldWide is experiencing technical dificulties with our computer. Be assured that you are in our prayers and also prayers sent forth to Creator God in all of his/her names on Earth. Your heart’s pleas for peace are being answered ~ have Faith & know that when God’s loving will is requested on Earth millions and millions of Angels are here to assist. You are an Earth Angel who’s earth calling or duty to maker is to help create peace and understanding in LOVE with and for others. They ask that you do not shy away from your loving role and to continue to seek harmony amongst all. They also ask you to be sure that at these times it is individuals each one by one that need prayer and conversion to love. Although groups and institutions are criticised as a whole it is up to each individual to turn their hearts and intentions over to a LOVING MOTHER & FATHER.
      Much Love,

  6. Penelope Meads on said:

    Dear Ones please put my grandson Wilson on your prayer list, also his mother Kim, I accept that I cannot do anything to alleviate Kim’s pain, and in turn Wilson, I send Love to them both, and for me, that whatever I do may it come only from a place of Love and not be just to control.
    Love & Light

    • Blessings Penelope,

      We of course are adding you and your beloveds names to our prayer list. Freedom is attained when we let go & let God ~ we then can breathe deep and relax knowing whom is ultimately in control ~ prayer always enlightens any given situation prayed for.

      Our computer is broken so actual posts are too difficult to make at the moment but know your situation is being prayed for.

      Love Hope & Faith

      We can do all things through him that strengthens us ~ allow yourself to be replenished by Heaven ❤

  7. Yvonne on said:


  8. nikki on said:

    I would love to receive your guidance and prayers as I, Laurie, continue on my journey. My awakening to all things spiritual started with the tragic loss of my son. With all things comes a silver lining 🙂

  9. RubyStar on said:

    Thanks for this!! ❤

  10. Hopeful you can help my confused soul. Kinda ran across your site and Need spiritual guidance.

  11. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    Please help us find what ails John – nausea, can’t eat, weak from diarrha, has lost 7 pounds in the past month. All tests so far so nothing remarkable. Thanks you.

  12. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    John is so much better – eating, alert, and feeling happy again. Thank you for your help.

  13. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    Please send healing for me and my stomach – something is going on but doesn’t hurt enought to go to ER. I googled and it could be very bad. thank you.

  14. My name is Sam & in need of some guidance

    • Dearest Sam,
      Sincerest apologies for not being able to answer you.
      I have just seen this request now. Have not been able to go online.
      Trust your creative inspiration. The angels will gently guide you towards something that will benefit you. I feel holistic doctor or guidance might help.

  15. Barbara Godfrey on said:

    Please fix my heart beat – something doesn’t feel right

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