Soul Healing


Personal Concerns:

what a noble thing to do!

Amit Chaturvedi!

  • Angel Blessings!
    We are full of spirit love and need to share the gifts we have been given to help others with faith during any times of doubt or pain. We add your name to a candle of hope and healing and will update you here of any Angelic guidance that may come thru for you ~ Thank you for your talent and creativity ~ Heaven in all its names loves creation and when we here on earth express ourselves.
    Angel Light,
    Aurora & Brian

  • Angel Light!
    The Angels emphasize your ability to simplify complex concepts for others to understand & comprehend. They’d like you to know what a gift that is ~ By simplifying you are shining a light of hope, change and truth ~ Much of your innate ‘wisdom’ comes from many lifetimes of ‘spiritual’ work ~ you have been here before many times! and your special gift of mental mastery & patience with others learning including yourself. You are very conscious of others and are especially gifted at helping some express their inner child thru playing, joking & adventure.
    You are wise beyond years and the Angels love & respect your journey here on earth of peace and translating complex to simple for many to understand ~
    Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian

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