Soul Healing


Pauline says:

May I ask for some healing for myself at the moment! I am feeling very unsure about where I am heading and a little unsettled. Many thanks! x

  • Love Blessings Pauline,
    Your name added to candle and spirals of love sent to you – The unsureness you are feeling is feeling like someone elses doing – or their unsettled place in life _ you have a warm, loving hopeful heart that sees and feels the best for everyone. Make sure that someone convincing is not leading your heart astray. Angels will bring you signs and assurance of what is true and clear for you. You will feel clearer later this evening and tomorrow. We will also send you an update.
    Much Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian

  • Angelic Love Blessings Pauline,
    The Angels showed protecting and grounding yourself ~ black onyx is great for that also black tourmaline ~ Turquoise also helps our auras shield itself ~ some of your imbalance could be from someone elses’ energy so cut chords with your hands as imaginary loving sword start at your head and swoosh downwards diagonally towards you opposite hip while thinking cutting chords ~ during this time of readjusting KYANITE would balance your energies very quickly but Angels ask you to stay calm especially about expressing your feelings and nurture yourself ~ perhaps some work or hobby away from where you are for awhile would benefit you by increasing your sense of self confidence ~ by stalling or waiting about a romantic love question getting busy with yourself and what you like doing will help pass the time ~ you will find great satisfaction and sense of self by throwing yourself into work of somekind ~ you’ll find your romantic love question manifests very quickly when you have this part of your life balanced ~ The Angels blessed you with pink light ~ green light and grounding red light ~ a channel of purest white pearlescent gold light blesses you ~ Look forward to your journey of creativity. The Angels will give you signs along the way.
    Much Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian



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