Soul Healing



Truely amazing work you do..Lovexox

  • Love blessings ~ we have been blessed so that we may help bless others ~ We will Light a candle for you now and write you Angelic Guidance later today when we ‘hear’ & ‘feel’ what guidance they’d like to send you ~
    Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian

  • Angel Love Blessings Mechelle ~
    The Angelic Guidance offered to you is that to be assured the work of light or service to light that you are doing will help you manifest your true purpose in life and I can see that so clearly with all your beautiful posts. During this time of manifesting your dream purpose you will have a hunch or a knowingness ~ the Angels strongly urge you too keep it silent or too yourself for a while. The Angel Messages are very clear for you today, they have been making contact with you ~ a trip you have thinking of may take some financial saving but it will come to you ~ the trip looks happy with many blessings ~ a beautiful sun and also son brings you harmony and peace ~ this time period in your life seems to be a building up of happiness which will bring your wishes true ~ The Angels had alot of deep indigo but sparkly around you the sparkles looked deep purple ~ I hope they gave you an Angelic sign.
    Much Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian

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