Soul Healing


  1. Mandy says:

    Hi please help me release fears from my past, I moved away fron my family in may last yearn next week I sm going back to see my family, I feel nervous, as I have negative memories there. I know my guides are around me, and I aksi do healing on others and animals, but why do I feel this dread, maybe this is the last thing I need to rekease.Xx

    • Stand tall in your love & strength from the past ~ without ignoring any of your own pain inflicted by others make a choice to forgive in your own heart ~ your soul may be quaking in fear of being shook by past disapproval from others ~ know they are in error by judgement and feel the soothing unconditional LOVE of Heaven & The Angels ~ Make a list for yourself only of all of your beautiful qualities and keep it near you where you can see it ~ make sure to include any talent gifts that Heaven gave you as your birthright ~ You are alraedy connected to your guides ~ continue to let them reveal to you your best path on this journey of life. Make sure you keep your spirit protected with prayer & meditation ~ and or use some of natures gifts to aid you during this time of nervousness where you need and will have Valor. Look at our Rose Ministry page or http://www.angelicshamanministry.comboth works in progress for only a few of the natural gifts methods that can assist you. We are lighting a candle for you now ~ adding a light for you along with the light of others.
      Forgive yourself for any judgement you have had towards yourself ~ breathe deep.
      A deep beautiful strong tube or channel of GOLDEN light surrounds you ~ it warms your heart protects your third eye and gives you strength ~ Divine Mother asks that you call on her for assistance during this transitory phase of your family ~ she will always answer and be there for you ~ We will also send an update comment to you later today.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian from the Angels

    • The Angels want you to know that they see you as a very bright light ~ you have quite a strong and shining Aura or energy field that is multi~faceted as a diamond ~ brilliant in light but also strong and durable ~ they suggest that you are a very special ‘star~child’ that has beautiful sensitivity and could very well be an earth angel with many messages for others. You are blessed with patience and want you to know that they have so much patience for you as you grow and awaken ~ You must be processing some subconscious issues in your dream time as you sleep ~ Jade stone helps with releasing past during dream time. This may be part of the reason your emotions seem almost magnified at the moment ~ don’t dismiss your feelings even if they are magnified ~ This shows a chance to bring up, feel and let go of harsh energy we don’t need. The Angels ask that you be patient with YOURSELF during this time of processing and letting go. Baby & nurture yourself as your vulnerability as a ‘newborn’ person or butterfly is precious and needs protection & love. You will slowly but surely let go of the past by being enlightened about your own true feelings and then letting go with a deep sigh of forgiveness ~ Forgiving can sometimes be difficult but if we only at first say to ourselves ~ I mightn’t forgive but I am WILLING to forgive ~ eventually our willingness allows us to forgive. Your cautious instinct assists your creativity and others notice this about you ~ you think things through as to appeal to larger groups than a select few ~ you could be extremely popular with your particular creative outlet what ever you are most talented as. Be gentle with yourself so that you may learn to love yourself and stay grounded more often instead of leaving body ~ Many of us once we have been hurt find it difficult to stay in human reality and prefer staying with the Angels ~ as a starchild your ability to leave body is very active ~ ask your higher self to learn to look at how wonderful and miraculous you really are and help you stay on earth and in your body.
      You will find that you have a new skill of being able to be silent with your new vision of life and family ~ you will feel things directly from and to the heart without words.
      Physically the Angels suggest that you do some breath work to help release ~ that means taking breathes deep into your belly and then releasing these breaths slowly with purpose feeling yourself force out any dense energy in your auric field.
      Much Angel Love,
      Let us know how your journey is.
      Aurora & Brian

  2. Hello Mandy, just wanted to wish you luck.
    When I saw yr post yesterday what popped into my head was black tourmaline & honeysuckle flower essence-notwithstanding the original Bach description was nostalgia for Happier times!-and then I thought abt it,and thought maybe rose quartz,but I cant better yr Angelic Advice above,jade is a wonderfully soothing stone,like stroking a Siamese Cat!!
    Took me 50yrs before I could say ‘no’ to my family,so as I said above,the main thing is I wanted to say Good Luck!

    • Thank you so much Caro ❤ I hope Mandy reads these comments to help her. Many of us experience this healing and it helps so much to know that others have gone through it and survived. I know it wasn’t until both my parents passed that I (Aurora) was able to heal all or most of my family issues ~ Angel Coincidence ~ Honeysuckle was always for my mom! We had mounds of it around our house and also when I was very little my mother taught me to pick the flower from the vine that grows wild all over the ditches in Ireland and suck the nectar out ~ I must have been three but continued the practice forever throughout my life ~ I spent so many hours in our Wild Rose & Honeysuckle hedges and also on walks along the country roads in Ireland drinking honeysuckle nectar with the bees. Thank you so much for that memory. & Rose quartz too! I love rose quartz ~ I personally have to be careful if it is around me and hurt emotions are on the surface as it really pulls them out consciously.
      Angel Love & Appreciation! I hope you comment whenever you have guidance and support for any posts. Big Hearts!
      Aurora & Brian

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