Soul Healing


I am in desperate need of soul healing for past and present hurts xxx

  • Love Blessings Helga,
    You are very loved. We ask that the Angels shield you from any negative thoughts that may open windows to your soul and let dense energy in – we humbly ask the Angels to re-inforce your light shield with magnificent Heavenly Colours of Divine light – spiraling thru your soul & washing any energy you do not need for your highest purpose or goes against your truest happiness. These gentle rays may take a few days to complete their course – you can help the Angels by repeating I am LOVED, I am LOVE, I am LOVED, I am LOVE – if a negative thought pops into your mind remeber it is only a thought then immediately say LOVE and breathe out slowly. Upon breathing in again think again LOVE – do this until it becomes habit for you – Later on this day & tomorrow we will concentrate directed healing Angels energy towards you. The Angels want you to know for sure that they are with you so do keep your eye open for signs of love. As they heal you past hurts are sometimes released through healing tears that wash away pain – sometimes laughter – and sometimes intentional ‘growling’ or deep gutteral release noise – also look on for healing frequency and also the miracle frequency – or just a simple ommmmm…. or Gregorian chant – I have written your name and surrounded it in love Hearts –
    Thank you for asking us – We so love to spread love – and for every fearful thought know that they do pass & the sun always rises –
    Aurora & Brian

    Angel Love Blessings Helga,
    Our prayers today continue for you. Know & feel how loved you are.

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