Soul Healing


CARO: Beautiful picture. I’d be grateful for some healing, also for my sister, B.Thank you. &Happy New Yr! x

  • Hello Beautiful Soul, The Angels thank you for believing in Heaven’s ability to heal ~ they say, ‘We are always available to help when you ask’. We are lighting a candle for both you and your sister ~ the candle is a beautiful violet and we ask that the flame of the candle warms your heart and lightens your way. When you have a moment relax with your feet up ~ take a deep breath into your belly and release your breath with all anxiety ~ Doing this a few times will regulate the energy momentum of your spirit ~ Once you are relaxed know that you are blanketed with gorgeous Heavenly light ~ I am seeing hues of purple, soft pink, different shades of silver & platinum all around you bathing you ~ in your mind touch your sister’s hand and let the beautiful light flow between you.
    Tears sometimes flow as a way to release past hurts & anger ~ tears actually contain endorphins residual from different emotions as they truly do wash our souls and hearts ~
    The Angels ask you to let go of anything you don’t need. Hand every burden to them. As your new sense of self begins to blossom allow the change ~ see yourself as a delicate rose petal unfurling with tenderness ~ nurture your newness ~ honor any past hurts and say thank you! I love you! I’m sorry! Forgive me! ~ You have brought me beautiful lessons but I let you go.
    The Angels recommend salt baths or spray to help cleanse and rejuvenate your energy field ~ salt also repels any negativity or dense energy ~
    Surround yourselves in Roses either real ones or images ~ they reflect the miracles of your hearts and also help your energy strengthen.
    Much Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian

    • Thank You .I bought myself some himalayan rose pink rock salt for xmas,and the flowers i bought for new yr were pink and white roses,so maybe i heard the Angel guidance even if i didnt know it!With thanks,gratitude & love,C.x

    • Yes!!! That is how Angels Work – they inspire us. You following thru with their guidance is affirmation you are awakening and your timing is perfect for contacting us to help you with your sense of Angelic Confidence and to increase Faith in their activity –
      Much Angel Love
      Aurora & Brian

      1. salt (nat mur)can also help in homeopathic potency,prob a higher potency

        • Homeopathic Salt can work wonders with slight brain chemical imbalances and thyroid issues – We LOVE homeopathy – so blessed that you know this – we intend on including much of this in Rose Ministry & Feel free to browse comment add etc.
          Much Angel Love

      2. xoxo

        Thank you ~ Angel Hugs & Kisses ~ Keep in tune with Angel Frequency ~ spend time listening to Angel Healing music and silent contemplation, visualisation and Faith.
        Aurora & Brian

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