Soul Healing



Anniko says:

I am grateful for being guided to You!


  • Angel Love Blessings Anniko!
    You have been added to a prayer candle ~ At the moment light pink and silver light seems to swirling around your energy field ~ This looks like Archangel Chamuel ~ whom fosters and enriches LOVE ~ Personal Love ~ Love of Yourself that is deserved and helps raise your self esteem ~ Chamuel is also responsible for romantic love energy ~ that floaty heady feeling of surreal. There are also flecks of gold light ~ These rays of light are helping to restore and balance your sense of love in and around you ~ You are very loved and the Angels are happy to help you with your spiritual requests and help you reach a high level of energy vibration which in turn will attract even more LOVE!!!!!
    They show you taking a breather or a rest from some pursuit ~ spend time on yourself nurturing and pampering.
    We will write you here any more guidance for you that they suggest or colors of light we see around you ~ Before falling asleep ask the Angels to guard and protect you in dreamland.
    Much Angel Love,
    Aurora & Brian

  • Angel Blessings Anniko!
    The Angels show that you are healing your heart from a deep sorrow and allowing it to become whole again ~ allowing your heart to beat with Universe in oneness. During healing emotions, the very emotions we are healing sometimes feel magnified ~ this phase shouldn’t last too long ~ The Angels show a quick journey through your healing and ascension to higher understandings ~ They also say and show that these messages to you will help you prevail over any healing challenges that come up for you. The confidence you may gain from them will help you balance emotional passion with a humble heart that listens to them.
    A change for you brings strength and cuts chords to any past energies that may have been holding you back. Your new found confidence will not only help you move forward but also move fearlessly towards becoming your own strong unique individual. This new found confidence and strength attracts great love to you! Romantic love whether it is yours or around you in another form attracts even more love ~ Love is a magnet unto itself~ You are part of the LOVE magnet ~ sending out love and also receiving love ~
    Rose Quartz can help you release any negativity from your heart’s past but please keep in mind that as the past is released Rose Quartz also magnifies any hurt, anger, pain we have held inside as it is being transformed ~
    The Angels suggest that you be very kind and patient with yourself but most of all choose to be Happy!
    Much Angel Love, Blessings & Light,
    Aurora & Brian


      • I am grateful for the message I received! I am getting stronger every day – I am amazed how much I changed since December, sometimes I feel like I am watching myself from “outside” changing every day for better, embracing my new life with confidence. It’s so much easier now to think about everything that happened, I see – and understand – many things that that point were causing me to shut down as I did not understand. Everything moves faster, changes occuring every day. Good changes. I feel that finnaly I am cutting all cords with the past, I felt so lost for a days, maybe weeks or even more! I was missing myself – the real me! Thank you so much for guiding me, reassuring that I am taking the correct steps (I was asking the angels to tell me if I am on the right path . . .you answered!). You are a guiding light shining with love for all those who were lost but are trying to find their way!
        Thank You!
        I felt the urge to have an azurite pendant last November, after a few weeks all I was thinking was the amethyst pendant I saw ehen I bought the first one. Now I keep having a clear crystal image in my mind.

        • I thank the Angels for leading you towards us and being able to affirm your Spiritual Journey!!! Thank you Blessed Angels and Heaven ~ for gifting us the way to help guide others!
          It has been our experience that we all need different crystals, herbs, colors etc at different times ~ Sometimes Heaven ‘shows’ us what we need and directs our attention to real memory images we have stored in our memory bank and other times we get random images ~ part of all of our awakening and ascension is training our human mind to accept the variety and wealth of guidance we receive and sift or sort through all ~ It can sometimes be like a puzzle so have fun finding the fitting pieces!~
          From what the Angels show and also what you explain your awakening has quickened into an accelerated state where your spirit is getting comfortable with transcending all you have consciously known ~ so get as many crystals that you are guided to ~ for instance, if you see the amethyst pendant find some amethyst or surround yourself in purple ~ or look up its meaning and affirmation and bless your self with it ~ smaller unrefined samples of all crystals work sometimes even better than refined jewelery ~ We know some wonderful online sites for crystals depending on what part of the world you are in in regards to shipping.
          Angel LOVE,
          Aurora & Brian

          I thank the Angels every night for all the help and guidance I get! Thank You Aurora for your role in my guidance! I am in Los Angeles, I have a place I always go to buy my crystals. Now I went and got my clear quartz I kept seeing in my mind for the past few days.This was all so new, and in the same time somehow familiar! The events were building up for a couple of months, but from December 4 everything happened like when you fast-forward a movie . . .More rarely now, but still have some “downtime” hours – but this is nothing compared to how lost and down I felt when the big change occured for me. I am deeply grateful for being allowed to change back to myself! I forgive those who caused me pain, as this was a part of my lesson to be learned. I also appologize if I ever caused any pain to someone during my journey till now, as this was never my intention. Thank You Angels, Guiding Lights for lifting me when I was falling!
      • Anniko! What a beautiful message of Gratitude to receive and also give to so many of us and especially the Angels ~ The gift of forgiveness works all ways blessing your self and others ~ It also nurtures compassion for yourself and others ~ Heaven’s compassion is bountiful. You are truly blessed. Aurora bought some of her first crystals in Los Angeles at a Nature Store ~ keep listening to positive affirmations guiding you in this life on your journey ~ Replace any creeping in of ‘other’ thoughts with the word LOVE ~
        Much Angel Love,
        Aurora & Brian

        • ANNIKO: Blessings Dear Guides! Please say a prayer for my soul . . . I’m struggling with negative feelings for the past two days, I have to clear my soul and mind from it, and somehow I’m not able to do it on my own. It seems to clear up, just to return with more strenght!
          Thank You for Your Guiding Light!

        • With your prayer came connection to Heaven’s Angels flame or purity ~ Many are struggling with rollercoaster emotions and also clearing of old hurt due to Solar Flares ~ There is an underlying fear also with media hype of ‘The End’ ~ Go on to Home page ~ Click on Healing Music ~ sit or lay down ~ breathe deep into your belly and filling your lungs gently ~ breathe out ‘swoosh’ any heavy feelings from your heart energy and chest energy. Relax listen to music and say to yourself over and over again ~ I am love ~ I am love ~ Take these unnecessary burdens from me ~ Lift up your heart’s pain ~ Lift it up to the light of Heaven ~ Ask for Heaven to purify your emotional field of your Heart.
          Much Angel Love,
          Aurora & Brian


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3 thoughts on “ANNIKO

  1. I am deeply gratefull for all the miracles surrounding me! for a couple of days I felt lost and confused, but my Angels and Guides brought me back to light 🙂 I keep receiving messages exactly when I need them. Questions in my mind are answered – if not immediately – but very very soon . . .

  2. Gratefully asking Angels to keep me on the path of Light, to take away all negativity from within me, and from my Loved ones, letting them see the Way of Love and Light!

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