Soul Healing




Thank You So Much!

  • Much Angel Love Alicia ~ Sparkles of glittering silver Angel Light surrounds you when you ask for this boost of their loving energy. Let them refill your soul & know that you deserve their love ~ you are precious to them ~ anything of spirit that you’d like to change and is in your and others highest interest will manifest beautifully in your life ~ ask & thou shall receive is endless and full of blessings. Sometimes Heaven’s answers are not recognizable at first.
    Metatron with platinum light frequencies is helping you change a long long ago decision ~ perhaps a decision from a different lifetime ~ by allowing this peaceful change to take place and letting go of any dense energies to be transmuted/transformed by the Angels helps you realise how special you are and how many gifts spirit has bestowed on you.
    You have a creative talent that you haven’t fully expressed or explored. They’d like you to take baby steps towards beginning expressing this talent ~ like watering a sunflower seed in rich earth and showering it with sunshine it is sure to grow ~ so will your talent even if you feel it is ever so small.
    Keep opening to opening ~ Feel the LOVE transforming your life ~ Your choice of happiness helps you radiate.
    Much LOve,
    Aurora & Brian

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